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  1. Usual memes: And something for Star Wars fans:
  2. It is the Bionicle 3: Web of Shadow Intro theme. Here is a video with the theme at the beginning
  3. Could be done. But I did this only because I have not much time left until going on vacations.
  4. Actually more like a conclusion for the Ignition trilogy, this is an alternate introduction I made for the movie Bionicle:Legend Reborn. Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARK46k2e7oM&feature=youtu.be I used Davinci Resolve, which is a great free tool for movie editing. I also used the intro music of Bionicle 3. It was quite easy to make, and didn't take that much time. And it was fun making this. I'm not a professional movie editing specialist, and I never will, but I'm quite satisfied about my work. Naturally, credits goes to Miramax, LEGO and Tinseltown Toons.
  5. So I got the confirmation that I do NOT have the permission to publish a mod, since he will do one later on. Sad since it could take months until he publishes it. Well then, I hope that I can still collaborate with him on a project. The purpose of this video is only to show off how Half Life looks like with Bionicle models, created by a Steam user for GMod 13, and ported by me to HL2.
  6. Dropped out of nowhere. The only thing that happened before will be told in Chapter 3 I suppose. I won't spoiler much, but in my imagined story, the Order was in ruins after some Toa of Shadow(Selvir including) who worked for Overwatch, have been corrupted again by the Shadow. It will also feature a fight between Selvir and Jaller, also briefly mentionned in Chapter 1.
  7. This is my second video based comic series, the first one being "New Legends". This time, it will feature random stories, which are set after the Great Battle between Mata Nui and Makuta Teridax. There are connections between these stories, but here aren't real continuations. This one is a story about the Toa Mahri, being on a recon mission. I won't spoiler too much, I hope you enjoy watching it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0QuOVOWQBY Write in the comments below what I should improve, or what I should NOT do for my next chapter.
  8. Hope to see more of the other Toa! I'm really impressed. How long does it take to create Jaller and Hahli?
  9. I have no idea if this is the right forum section or not. Might be transferred to another part of this forum or deleted. Description: So I had an idea to create an exploration game, like the good old 2001 Bionicle Mata Nui Online Game. But I don't have the motivation to learn how to learn Flash. I remember that PowerPoint allowed Sounds and Slides Hyperlink, allowing a certain "Mata Nui Online Game" experience. This one is a alpha test version of how it would look like. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/l5bkb6x1o81z3m1/Bionicle_Game_v1.1.zip Informations: You need, obviously, PowerPoint(or OpenOffice, I don't know if it works). To start the game, simply open the file, select Dia Show, and you should be able to play it. To leave it, press ESC. As you can see, this game only takes about 1 minute. This is a test version I made in a real short time. Perhaps some of you could give me good advices or even help to use PowerPoint correctly. Here is already a list that will be changed for the "real" version: -Better Backgrounds -A different icon and button layout -Perhaps transitions -Background music for several slides -Overall much better atmosphere and experience Screenshot: Changelog: v1.1 ALPHA -Added new levels -Fixed sounds v1 ALPHA -First release
  10. Simply great! Actually, would it be possible to make a sort of image regrouping all 6 Toa Inikas. It is sure a lot of work, but with that, you fullfill the dreams of most Bionicle fans, who always wanted to know how the Toa Inika would look like in a movie.
  11. If any admin reads this, could you please change the topic title since I'm unable to do it. Instead of "Bionicle: New Legends Chapter 1", could you change it to "Bionicle: New Legends Series"
  12. Welcome to the site.

  13. UPDATE 29/05/2016: Chapter 3 release This is my first fan-made story of the Bionicle continuation. I hope you enjoy it. It is hard work(not as much as a real Stop Motion film), but it is real fun to make these comics. The video based comics include Bionicle Movie soundtracks(original composer: Nathan Furst). Here a small description: "BIONICLE New Legends is a fan based video based comic series, which is a continuation of the G1 story after Makuta Teridax's defeat. All inhabitants of the Matoran Universe are now living peacefully with the Agoris and Glatorians. But some might want to rule Spherus Magna instead of living in peace and harmony. Dark hunters, Skralls, and the Barraki are already planning a full scale war on the new formed community. But something even darker awaits the new inhabitants of Spherus Magna. The story begins with 2 Matorans on the island of Kota Nui, named after a fallen Toa hero..." Chapter 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAec2pGtGTU Download the PDF comic version here: http://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=83A0A21FA0F55A37!2451&authkey=!ACbTo3T8fX3z1Q4&ithint=file%2cpdf Chapter 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jal188GB6Bg Chapter 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQOoB5KUGmU Disclaimer: Music is not my properity. Rights goes to Nathan Furst, original author of this soundtrack.
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