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Oh, wow. Hello, World. Hello, people. Hello, people who are BZP members that were extremely confused by everything on my profile page that they decided to read it again. Greetings, all. I am a high school student here, in my location. If you want to know more about my interests, there's an entire segment underneath this about that. Small question: ... ... ... Sorry, I forgot. Did I ever have anything of substance to say here? Will I? I don't know...


Hello, BZPower!

How are you today? Am I talking to the site, or you, the reader? That's really for you to decide.

I... don't know what I want to do here. I... might... eventually post a MOC or Story...

But I don't know. I might just be here to perplex people who read my profile. Hey! You! Do you know why I'm here? Ah, well. I wouldn't expect you to know.

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