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  1. Oh my gosh... I hadn't realized how long it had been since the start of Ninjago, really, until I was having a conversation about the dojo set, thinking about whether or not the dojo-style sets actually connect together, and realized that yeah, it's been about 10 years. And there are still snakes everywhere. Ninjago is a fun theme.
  2. Honestly the only thing that really disappointed me about Bionicle is that I ran out of things to explore. I stumbled across BZPower way after... Everything, really. There wasn't much left to explore, and content was just generally slower. I'm glad it's still here, I just wish I could've seen it in its heyday. I really loved exploring and learning all about the history of the theme and characters... Not much I didn't like.
  3. I have slept long... A sound in the distance finally awakens me. Whether it is man or beast I cannot tell. I manage to claw my way out of the shallow grave that I was recently contained in. Luckily the majority of my items were buried with me. I wonder briefly who buried me... I suppose it doesn't matter now. There is a battle raging. As I make my way back to the battlefield, something appears for a brief second... But then it's gone. A cold breeze begins to blow over the battlefield.
  4. Let me put it this way: I've seen dead forums, and Bzpower is nowhere near that condition. I've also seen active forums, which Bzpower is also a bit distanced from. But people still frequent may of the subforums (mostly the creative ones, like the RPGs, G&T, and Off-Topic). Not to mention the continued irony of this thread's existence. Two whole years of questioning BZPower's life. Wow.
  5. After the empty thing bounces off of kanohi of jello's head, it ends up covering my head. I bumble around for a while, until eventually ram into a speeder. This speeder starts and gets to a quarter of its full speed before hitting the world's largest set of dominoes. One falls over, creating a chain reaction that flings the surface you were just standing on into a law office. This just so happens to be my lawyer's office, where legalese is spouted at you. The mask is now (legally) mine.
  6. I have to agree with Laval. Congratulations, though! Out of curiosity, what version is it for?
  7. As muffins ravage the NPCs of this world, and Darth Guy blazes a path through them, one faction on this battlefield has a plan. The multi -pastries, silent though they may have been, have joined. Together, they begin their march of conquest. Meanwhile, after awhile running from... I suppose everything, really... MoarBotar, Laval, and I stop on a ledge. How we managed to get here, I don't know. There isn't any visible way up or down. However, despite this, we have an amazing view of the battlefield. We can see the remnants of battles long past... As well as the shadowy figure controlling Kardas like a puppet. Come to think of it, I haven't seen him do much lately...
  8. Hello traveler. What brings you here?

  9. What Skakdi? I don't see a Skakdi. I turn around and behold the white grin of Bad Guy '06, somehow completely recovered from his battle with Alexander. I run away right beside Laval, leaving the... thing... to be coated in the rapidly expanding ice. I don't think that will old him for long, though... I have my suspicions that the only person who can truly defeat this fiend isn't available right now... Nor will he be anytime soon.
  10. I run away from the encounter. That ended better than I expected. Why didn't you try that? Sure. Is there enough for all of us? I would also love to see the recipe. Hopefully, we don't get into a war with animate versions of those things, though. That would be fearsome.
  11. Well, as long as we don't all slip, you should just be able to toss the ball into the air to get him out. Alternately, you could probably just smash the thing onto the ground and it might open. The surest bet, though, would probably be to confront one of these muffins and start up an encounter... within this encounter. Oh look! That screen flash means it's working! Well, it could be a muffin, Kardas, or something else entirely... Heh, well I guess that's that. Rolled a four, set as ???, which I guess means you encountered me. Well, at least we can open up that pokéball... Or, you know, something completely random and unexpected could happen. You never do know. @Laval- Master of Energy
  12. My first exposure to Bionicle was in '07, with the McDonalds Toa Mahri toys. I was under the impression that Nuparu was the bad guy (All black, I guess.) I was around five at the time. I read the chapter books once I was able to. I had a rather small selection at our little summer reading library, so I definitely didn't read them in order. Because of this, I believed that the Mask of Life had sacrificed itself at the Battle of Metru Nui, awakening Mata Nui and killing the Bohrok Kal.
  13. I want literally every set Ganto has designed on the discord server. They look amazing, and even have mask functionality.
  14. Kardas heaves out a mighty roar as whatever weapon you're using nears him. However, just as you are about to strike the killing blow, Bad Guy '06 comes rushing in to take the kill and the glory for himself. As a mighty battle between Alexander and Bad Guy '06 rages on, Good Guy, the Goodest of the Guys, looks down from above. Kardas, while Alexander is distracted manages to break free and destroy most of Alexander's historical army. As for myself, I've been captivated by the battle that rages on around me. Eventually, I come to, and realize that a spear is coming towards my face. I instinctively raise my shield to defend my face, deflecting it. I put it in my bottomless inventory bag that I bought off of a Ga-Matoran for future use. It was then that I notice Laval, fishing. Really? At a time like this? Then I notice MoarBotar's Pokéball, and I suddenly understand. I grab my maxed out Minecraft fishing rod and run to his aid. In no time, we've pulled in our prize. I leave MoarBotar to Laval and run off to check on the others. Kanohi of jello seems to be doing just fine, being dragged around by his face. I'm sure as heck not touching that mask. Good Luck, may Mata Nui and Good Guy be with you. It is only now that I truly notice the animate muffins that have been crawling around. They don't seem to be that difficult to deal with, a little bit of ice seems to keep them down. Their strength, however, comes from their numbers. I briefly consider why there are so many muffins around, then I recall the frenzied days in Laval's ship creating pans... upon pans... upon pans... upon pans of muffins to be shipped to MoarBotar, and I feel very tired just thinking about it. Come to think of it, wasn't there some sort of hierarchy or method to control these spiders? I heard Lipuret's speech to her muffin horde, but they were never given any real orders... There are now an uncomfortable amount of muffins surrounding me. I stop walking, and as I turn, I realize I'm now surrounded. Looks like this might require something a little bit different. I bend down to touch the floor, the muffins eying me warily. None of them expect it as a sheet of ice spreads over the floor, encasing them and many of their brethren in ice. This is good- Except it keeps going. And going. Until half of the battlefield is covered in ice. This was entirely unexpected. I hope the sun comes back up soon... Otherwise, this could mean quite a bit of trouble. Part of the muffin army is out of the way, at least.
  15. Alright, let's blow this muffin cart! Here are your muffins. That'll be $122.50. Plus tip. If you're wondering why it costs so much, it costs 50 cents per muffin. (There are a lot of muffins. The muffin cart nearly exploded on the way here.) We also have a space-compressing muffin tin that probably should have been used earlier. Final note: Don't forget about our generous payment plans starting as low as a cent a day!
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