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  1. 1. Yes2. Everything in my life has changed in the year+ I've been away. I'm not that obsessed as I once was however, and I might just come back sometimes for recreational purposes/nostalgia.3. The forums design mainly and the people hanging around here.4. My Little Pony? Really? Hahaha.
  2. Beat CEA, and it felt good going back to something familiar.I really wish I had the energy to go back and find every skull and terminal, but I don't think it might happen for a long time.
  3. Hey, it's ST1R FRI3D or Fallen ASHEs here. Um...could I get a small and medium faded shirt? One for me und my brother?
  4. and i rated you five stars just for the lolz.

  5. You can click 'Save As' from file. Thanks, but now I have another question. When I set the pic as my backround image, I only see his legs. How do I resize the image so I can see the entire thing? I don't actually know. Maybe Microsoft Paint or Photoshop if you have it...
  6. You can click 'Save As' from file.
  7. -Mata-

    Problem Solved

    So...what? I don't get what you did... Nevermind, I see it!
  8. -Mata-

    Game Teaser Image

    This looks like Bloons Tower Defense. Sweet...
  9. -Mata-

    Ok, Seriously.

    I should have been some kind of psychic! Ya see, you got to read on....................... When I was reading about Roodaka and her Mutation Spinner, I thought, hey? Isn't there a story about how Nidhiki got mutated? So I posted a topic that said Roodaka mutated Nidhiki. And guess what happened? People completely killed my theory, saying that, "Roodaka was only introduced this year, how in any way could she have known Nidhiki?" And then like 4-5 months later, it turns out that I was right! I wonder if anything like this happened to you? Hmm?
  10. So, are you ever going to post the "Summon and Unleash" game, please?

  11. -Mata-


    I've been upped! I'm now a POBZPC! Ahahahahaya!
  12. -Mata-


    Is it morning already?
  13. As a present to all who don't have any Glatorian at all, and those who read my blog, I'm going to post some pics of them waaay down on the left side. Merry Christmas!
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