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  1. I'm glad I decided to drop in here. That was a fantastically fitting end to the work you've been cultivating for years. As stated above - you're one of the most dedicated authors I ever had the pleasure of knowing on this forum. It makes me a little sad to see things end - but also happy and nostalgic to see it wrapped up so fittingly. Here's to old times, Gav.
  2. oh wow these still exist and are still the best thing on this forum
  3. hay guise what's going on in here- >reads comics oh lawd although I have no idea what is happening here, it looks pretty dark and epic and sweet and stuff
  4. Just gonna throw this out there - I'm not being a jerk. I just like cynically reviewing stuff. I have no issues here - I really don't care about anything on this site anymore. Some guys just pointed me in the direction of your backgrounds, and I just thought it was so funny that I had to comment.I have no problem with this series. Actually, from what I've seen, it's one of the better series that the current comics forum has to offer. Many of the jokes are lackluster, but that comes more with experience than anything. And I'll readily admit that I turned out more awful comics than I did good ones.I will give Soran credit - graphically, he is probably in the top five or so modern authors that I've seen here. And he is also one of the only people I've seen that can come close to convincingly replicating my water effects. That's not easy, and he deserves credit for that.Don't take my criticism as anything more than (albeit cynical and sarcastic) advice on how to improve. We only improve through criticism. If people only praise your work, you will never learn what you need to improve on.
  5. I love how the TV is magically levitating
  7. I love your sig! It's epic beyond imagination!

  8. Nuparurocks


    YeahI'm totally coming out of retirement for thisAlso epic comic Dreik
  9. Will the comics be coming back? They were great.

  10. Ah, of course! Perry Bible Fellowship rocks (if in a rather perverted way)! My local alternative weekly paper used to carry it, but I haven't seen it lately...

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