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    College - and I be very busy with it.
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    On BZP - comics. Sadly I am now in college so production has ground to a halt, but you can find my old topic here:


    I am now more active on Deviantart, and all my old comics have been uploaded there as well, with more to come in the future if I have time inbetween long classes... maybe.

    Let's see how I can handle being back after so long. Now if you'll excuse me, I have English class to go to in half an hour. X3

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  1. MirMir be on Deviantart. she also be at college, and she be sleeping. Zzzzz >w

  2. Many thanks to the fans who responded to mine and all the other comics. Feels good to be making some again, despite it most likely being the only one during my entire vacation month from college. But small matter, that - maybe I'll make more between classes again. To answer your question, Toa Mata Pony, I base my comics mainly off of real life. Something like what LR did with his advent submission this year, as he's currently studying overseas in Spain. That, plus the fact that I don't do dark subject matter. Or even dark colors. Unless it's nighttime, of course. I guess you could say my style is... homey?Should you ever take up the comic author's banner, I think we'd all be interested in seeing some of your work.
  3. Heeeeeellloooooooo.

  4. Bronies are not for chortles. Only for crunching.

  5. Welcome back Mir.

  6. I want this track sooooo bad! :lovesign:You have serious skills, Snipe. Can't wait for more! ^w^
  7. X3 Yes, hello. I'd ask if you all missed me, but now that question is quite moot.
  8. What is this? You think I be dead... forever? Happy Halloween, peeps.
  9. I live! Sorta'... man, it's cold here.

    1. Chibinuva


      I'd trade with you. Our cold front just ended. I love the cold, but Florida doesn't exactly deliver well for that. :P

  10. Mir you should come back because the comic forum needs some more good comics posted back up.

    1. Miraka


      Knock knock, Mosakra. X3

    2. vataki




      Now repost your comics sometime soon... Like, whenever you're ready to... Just be sure to do it. :P

  11. Mirakaaaaa! It's good to see you! Your eyes may be still disturbing, howeever, still loving those comics. I'm looking and reading them through your deviantArt. Let us rejoice for the return of BZPower! PRAISE HAPORI TOHU!

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