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  1. I just logged in after about a year and oh my god everything is different, even the lumbridge home tp spell, and the GE
  2. Maybe I'm just bad at get killed by the same guy :PHey, You made the BZP platoon in the old topic, correct?
  3. Yeah, I see a lot people using it. You get it from co-op, correct?I got the game on release but only really getting in to now.
  4. Discuss the game series as a whole here from 1942 to BF3. If anyone wants to play co-op or squad up etc. add me on battlelog (I play PC, BTW): FrUiiT (It's a joke, I despise names like that)-Scorch
  5. Slowly regaining interest in MineCraft. Pretty annoying because I worked so hard on my world and my HDD fried. -.-Recently I've been making Source mods (HL2, Portal, etc.), thinking of getting into MineCraft modding, but haven't had any good ideas, and I can't be bothered to learn new things, of course. ((And if anyone cares/remembers/is wondering my hard drive dying is the reason the server is not a thing, and also I totally forgot about BZP ))-Scorch
  6. I read up on "The Black Mesa Incident" on a certain Half-Life-based-wikia-we-can't-talk-about and I was kind of right...
  7. Yeah, I thought it was sort of like a race to make portal technology, and a rush resulted in the incident?Maybe I'm just making this up... I think they boosted something and the crystal (that G-Man gave them?) was unstable...Buuuuuut IDK.
  8. Being a major jet pilot, i hate the increased damage, especcially when it kills me but hardly damages the jet its self. I love the G3, its AMAZING, I just dont like the small clip it has, that tends to be my downfall in games, so i started using the AEK. Oh, and the L85 is a pretty awesome gun, get RDS or holo, and its a near perfect weapon in my opinion.~Ptoly At first I thought you wrote "Being a REAL jet pilot" lolLoving B2K.Speaking of which, this topic made me want to play
  9. I guess, but it was very small. All it really did was tell us that it was in the same universe... but then again Aperture was kind of part of the Black Mesa incident (It think? I don't quite remember...)
  10. Well of course, with the I-forget-what-it-was-called ship thingy from Aperture.
  11. I played up until the alien world (Xen?) on HL1, I have almost gotten 100% achievements on HL2, and completed Ep.1 and Ep. 2.I want Ep. 3. D':
  12. I made a banner of the kids a while back. It's not too great, and only took me a few minutes to make, but you can use it if you like. http://www.majhost.com/gallery/bionicledude/FHSJKHFKWLS/abnner.jpg
  13. Sure, it had some nice changes, but they take out last stand (and verbally attack it lol) but keep deathstreaks (including Final Stand, which is basically a buffed last stand, not to mention Dead Man's Hand which has the damage radius of 10 frags) and the FMG9s and Type 95 are pretty OP. They also took out some things that were nice in Black Ops, such as more in depth leaderboards, better theater, the list goes on.And the maps suck (IMO) and assassin keeps you hidden from everything besides (blind eye/recon).Better than the last games.
  14. I agree. Out of all the games I've ever hosted on, this game is the most annoying.-Scorch
  15. The player interaction SHOULD come from that, but unfortunately it is quite rare. (especially since PvP is enabled)iConomy is a pain to use, but it's less annoying than contacting an admin whenever you want to buy land, shops etc.and it makes shops easier.
  16. While they are interesting/fun, they affect the game too much to be used in a competitive PvP environment.
  17. While it will have mods, the mods are more or less to1. Have somewhere where you won't be killed2. Have somewhere to trade, plan, etc.3. It will create more interaction between playersOutside the city is mo-d free.
  18. I'm going to be reopening my server soon (not sure when). I'm going to pay for hosting.The server will be run by me, a friend, and my brother. It will be completely public (no whitelist, available outside BZP) but will have many Bukkit mods.- WorldGuard/Edit- Citizens (for shops)- Lockette- iConomyand many more...There will be a main spawn city where you can buy land, trade, and be safe from other players and mobs.Outside the city is basically no rules, except for no fire or lava. PvP is enabled, mobs, etc.We will make a website for news and stuff.
  19. Processor: Intel i7-2600k 3.4 GHzRAM: 8 GB DDR3 1600mhzGPU: Radeon HD 6950 1GB500 GB HDD (7200rpm)Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium I Forget the rest.
  20. Does the fact that it can be done mean it should? Let's say we're both in the same room. I can punch you in the face. Should I punch you in the face? -CanamaYes.
  21. My RS name is currently I Talakal I, but some may remember me as Zealot 340 (From the first BZPchat) or TheTalakal (more recently). My get P2P again... Not sure.
  22. In Ontario, Canada there is a town called Swatsika, named after Swatsika Gold MIne. They tried to change the name to Winston (after Churchill) but it fell through. -Scorch
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