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    On your computer screen at this very moment.
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    Modding Games, 3D Art, Computer Graphics, Write Stories, Bionicle, BZPower and some other things in General.

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    BZTwin Matrix
  1. lol why would you want to be banned

  2. I meant he wanted to be banned

  3. I meant he wanted to be banned

  4. People he was ask to be banned so stop asking why hes banned!

  5. Hey man. Sorry you couldn't be here with everyone else. You were awesome.

  6. I wonder why such a prominent guy was banned?

  7. Whoa! No wonder he is banned, he's 94!

  8. If I'm not mistaken he asked to be banned. No more discussion though, as he is banned.

  9. I wonder why he was banned...?

  10. Are you really from Germany, as your location flag implies?

  11. No, that was Crystal Matrix.

  12. Probably something on Bs01...

  13. Crystal Matrix created BS01, not this guy.

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