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  1. Hey I hope you're doing well! BIONICLE is coming back indeed and it's like sooo many memories are returning. I miss you!

  2. Hey, it's been ages since we talked! I hope things are going well! :) (Remember me? I was the one who wrote about the lovable Princess Skralla? XD )

  3. Just out of curiosity, do you still have that 20-big Skrall Army (21 if the leader-class Skrall counts)?

  4. I hope you understand. D:

  5. I've put the Vakama up for sale again! Drop by my new topic if you want it!

  6. I hope I'm not being pushy, but could you post what you thought of the story in its topic?

  7. I'm going to get 5 soon.

  8. Yes I am. I'll ask my dad if I can get it.

  9. I have finished the beginning of my story, and I know you want to read it, but I cannot send it to you since your inbox is full. Could you delete a couple of messages?

  10. I decided to use Dormus as a placeholder.

  11. No, I would not. If I did, they wouldn't be the same.

  12. Ya, I got all of them for Christmas. I plan to get four or five elite Skrall to go with them.

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