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    I would type them all here, but it's sooooooo much easier to tell you, but I can't, because this is not the reallllllll life.

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  1. maybe it's like the epi-prequel of all zelda games
  2. Noda Miki

    Topics Vs Threads

    topic is what the thread is about!
  3. where did you go baby?

  4. >retrieve not arms part of the body
  5. I think mines gonna be Life: Cinnamon!
  6. It's for their protection, because, in reality, I'm Spiderman *swoosh*

  7. soo...you set your friends list to zero, lol.

  8. ffs happy birthday dawg

  9. Valve made that also They made everything
  10. No no, the creator of this blog? I'm pretty sure he's a t-rex, you guys!
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