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  1. G2 had some good sets but the biggest problem was that it catered too much to little kids. The script and voice acting were also lackluster IMO. Bionicle is not just a bunch of sets, it's very story-driven--which means it needs to have better tie-in content. G1 did this aspect very well. These days, there's a lot of entertainment that can be enjoyed by all ages (e.g. Voltron, Avatar, etc.) so production values need to be better.
  2. I'm stoked for this, obviously. Here's hoping BIONICLE will return sooner rather than later (i.e. before summer 2015).
  3. RIP BIONICLE. We've said this multiple times already, but they would need some convincing before they would revive the series. LEGO has moved away from the epicness that we grew up with (or have been fans of for a long time). We need to save copies of BIONICLE.com and BIONICLEStory.com.
  4. The worst part was the fact that it ended. I personally liked the serials--and I'm sure most people did. 'nuff said.
  5. In no particular order:1. Death of Teridax (comic version, not MN Saga version)2. Takanuva getting rid of his Midak Skyblaster and Power Lance3. Krika getting killed4. Cartoony feel of TLR5. BIONICLE coming to an end6. Mata Nui going from barely able to walk to great warrior in record timeCan't think of any more.
  6. It's possible that Zaktan somehow survived, since he was killed with sonic powers rather than something like fire or plasma. My money's on him, but only because the green cloud WASN'T Antidermis and no other being we know of could make themselves look like that.
  7. I always thought of it as energy shielding that needs to be manually activated--a sufficiently strong attack could still collapse it. It's probably similar to what you get in the Halo series.
  8. Dirt and stone aren't made from the exact same things, so I'm thinking that's where the differences come from.
  9. [*]Probably Tobduk.[*]Brutaka would be the most powerful overall, but I'm sure there are others that can beat him. After all, OoMN members have defeated Makuta in single combat before.[*]Depends on the circumstances of the fight. Axonn would win on an open battlefield, but Hydraxon would win if he can get the drop on Axonn.
  10. The quiz validation doesn't seem to work anymore. It's probably not very high on the to-do list, but just so you guys know...
  11. At this point it's unrealistic to expect the story to continue until Lego brings the sets back. However, we can hope for an open ending--this chapter of the story comes to an end, but it can be expected to continue later on. Kinda like what happened in 2003 and 2005, but with everyone fulfilling their destinies (only if known).
  12. But do we want to wait forever? There's a difference between reminding him politely once a month and angrily demanding that he churns something out every week.
  13. I'm sure they'll keep it running for another year because of what's been happening with Greg. I think Bionicle and BZPower are the main reasons he's doing this course anyway.But maintaining BIONICLEStory.com costs money and work force - it is an investment by LEGO for a line that has been cancelled for 1,5 years now. I do hope you are right, but I am not entirely convinced.BIONICLEStory's not that big a site afaik, so it wouldn't cost that much to maintain... would it?Really depends on how they do things. If they try to maintain it for as cheap as possible, I'm sure it wouldn't cost a whole lot.
  14. There we go. The Melding Teridax is truly and absolutely incorruptible.
  15. It could be another Kanohi in the form of a Kraahkan. It wouldn't be the first time we've seen a Kanohi that is just forged into the shape of another. - I think he wears it to show that he's strong enough to reject darkness even when he constantly has access to Shadow powers. Besides, the Kraahkan allows the user to see moral darkness in others. This might be useful against those who are trained to resist telepathic probes.
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