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  1. Right, I don't remember that statement from him either.
  2. Is there a more direct way of getting in touch with them? What course of action would you suggest? I would really appreciate any help in bringing more attention and discussion to this matter. They should see the topic here before too long, but you could always try Swert's talk page or go through and Articles for Creation process and mention the proposed compromise above. =)
  3. This has always bugged me. I can say that the BS01 staff didn't come to a consensus on the decision, so I appreciate that this is presently up for discussion and review.
  4. I really liked this episode - nice work guys! Even though I don't watch the Netflix show I got a lot of entertainment out of your discussion. Perfect length of show. Hope you come out with a regular schedule. =) Keep up the good work!
  5. They made some real amateurish mistakes on this website. Hope they take full advantage of it moving forward.
  6. It's really awesome to be held in such high regard by them, even though their main focus has to be a new generation of kids, but they are going out of their way to make it special for us. I'm sure he's more than happy to be at NYCC, conducting interviews, and seeing BIONICLE 2015 - on top of rushing around, getting to panels on time, etc. etc. It's not easy to cover an event. =)
  7. -Mesonak Wow, you recorded the chat with it too. That's awesome.Should I rip the audio from that and post it to BS01's feed?
  8. I am ready for the recorded version to be released =]
  9. Hey hey! Thanks for coming to MakutaFest!

  10. The concept of the Matoran living inside the giant Mata Nui robot has been the premise of the entire story since Day 0. Every concept of BIONICLE from the beginning (which they started planning as soon as 1999, I think) was based on that. -Gata Well, not necessarily. According to "Brick by Brick: How LEGO Rewrote the Rules of Innovation and Conquered the Global Toy Industry", back in the earliest stages (when it was still going by "Voodoo Heads" and similar names) the idea of the characters living inside a giant robot was not established. The giant robot as the "big story engine" was not adopted until summer of 1999 when ADVANCE joined the project. As an art director, Christian Faber introduced the concept of the Mata Nui robot based on his recent diagnosis with a benign brain tumor, and the medication he was taking to keep it from spreading. It was around this same time that the theme finally acquired the name BIONICLE (for "biological chronicle"). "Faber imagined the toy canisters as vials of medicine drifting toward the head of a giant, comatose robot that was infected with a virus. The medicine's active ingredient was an army of nano-size creatures that arrived in pill-shaped capsules, entered the titan's body, and fought to liberate it from the virus." (Page 154) So there were concepts for the Voodoo Heads product line (which would become BIONICLE) well before the Mata Nui robot was introduced as a driving force behind the story, but it had been established by the time the BIONICLE name was attached to it, and well before other integral ideas like the Polynesian-inspired lexicon and the Kanohi Masks of Power were introduced. ...So BIONICLE was designed around Faber's disease? That's... A bit morbid. That... makes a lot of sense now.
  11. I'd love to listen (pst, whoever's editing...)
  12. I love you too bro. Best of luck in your future =)
  13. I accidentally missed it. Well, I'm definitely looking forward to the download! Thanks to the wonderful guys that made it happen.
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