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  1. i can post blank comments! FTW!


  2. Premier Forum Mentors? i dont kno what that is....

    ...sounds important....

    Lol everyone changes stuff while i am gone!

    im surprised they haven't changed the look of Bzpower

  3. Oh Hello. I saw you at Custom Bionicles Wiki.

    Welcome aboard.

  4. lol congrats, your the first banned guy to visit my topic

  5. He was not hacked. His recent artwork that he posted when he was on the same majhost.com account!

  6. The music has been seemingly removed. I reported the music.

  7. Welcome to BZPower.com, Ive seen you at Wikia! Your an admin on Custom Bionicles. o.0

  8. Welcome to BZPower.com. You can never leave! =p

  9. This .MIB thing has to stop!

  10. He was not hacked!


  11. .MIBs are hacked members (XD), They put .MIB on the end of a username they've hacked. Go ahead, go to search members and type in ".MIB"


  12. COMPUTER ART !!!!

  13. Ur good with flash banners!:)


  14. Kool, the guy who made my banner is a Moderator .


  15. I live in an XBox down by the river!

  16. Hey, you were on Lego.com! be my buddy?

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