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    I'm a guy with too much free time on his hands. I spend my days doing nothing and watching anime or playing games or reading. Mostly doing nothing.

    Also I like fantasy, history, mythology (especially Arthurian), and giant robots.
  1. Haven't seen Legendary Defender, but the redesign for Voltron is pretty dope. Golion is a fantastic design, and it does a fantastic job of modernizing the design. It does, but it's largely among Gen-Xers who watched the show as kids in the 80s, and mecha enthusiasts like myself. Neither is likely to browse this site lol
  2. Sentai and Kamen Rider are usually how I get my practical sfx fix, honestly. The fact I love martial arts cinema just endears me further to them. Don't really watch Power Rangers, though, since by the time Saban adapts it, I've long since seen the Sentai it adapts. That said, though, the last Sentai I watched to completion was Go-Busters. Mecha designs for Sentai have been going steadily downhill, though. It's kind of a shame, since part of my enjoyment for Super Sentai is the mecha.
  3. so how's the first BotW DLC? Worth picking up or should I wait until the second one drops?
  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm not sure why they call it the Xbox One anymore, they cancelled the one game it had going for it.
  5. Yeah, the new Xeno game is a big motivator for me too, tbh. I hope there's a Switch port of XCX too, but I'm not holding out too much hope- I feel like that game would benefit immensely from the better load times of a cartridge, but I doubt Ninty'll shell out for that.
  6. Replaying Fire Emblem Birthright. I'm not sure what possessed me to say it has a tolerable story. Admittedly, this time I'm playing the game with the official TL, but good lord- how did they make an already mediocre-at-best storyline even worse?
  7. lol remember when this topic was thriving and active. Any of y'all bought a Switch? I was going to, but hearing all the issues people are having with the first batch makes me glad I decided to wait on it. Only game really on it is BotW, which is on the Wii U anyway.
  8. Pokemon Sun. I'm actually kind of surprised that I'm enjoying this installment this much- I couldn't get into Gen VI terribly much, and I haven't sat down and tried to finish Gen V. I appreciate that it's basically a Pokemon game that's gone full JRPG, and has a pretty good plotline going, too. Probably my favorite game in the series since Conquest.
  9. Been playing Child of Light on my vita. It's a comfy game.
  10. I remember spreading out some macaroni on a sheet of paper and tracing it to get an outline for a D&D campaign map. Might be worth lookinh into.
  11. Super Robot Wars X-Omega. I jumped through hoops to get this running on my phone, since there's an event going on where Godzilla is showing up. I have nothing but love for SRW and Godzilla, so I immediately downloaded this. It's a fun little game, though it's not the turn-based tactics game that SRW usually is- it's ore of a tower defense sorta thing.
  12. I picked up a translation of the Alliterative Morte Arthure (Arthur's Death) last week at a yard sale, so I've been reading that. It's a pretty interesting read so far, and one I've been meaning to read for awhile now.
  13. "We Need a Gimmick" - Nekrogoblikon
  14. the new berserk hurts my soul and my eyes, so I've been getting around to some of the stuff on the backlog. the twelve kingdoms is pretty neato.
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