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  1. New netflix show for bionicle https://www.netflix.com/at-en/title/80062112
  2. Wow, it's been too long. Hope you still remember me Gavla-kun-senpai ugu~ ;_; Good to see you're still going with this comic making business. Anyways, love the new sprites and can't wait to get started reading all these new comics.
  3. Oh... Well. Nice to re-meet you to.

    I wish I could've read the rest of the series :P

  4. Hi it's been good, yeah I remember you!! Got bored of bzp, never went to the forums again. Nice to meet you again

  5. Yo! How've you been? I used to PGS in you futuristic comics! Remember?

    No? Just leave a comment if you do.

  6. omg i miss't ur burthday

  7. In the topic "Journey's End - Part 2: Rebirth, Issue 7 - The final BIONICLE Comic"

    You reffered to to David and Goliath. Are you a born-again christian? Please Pm answer.

  8. hay thar ill take carthan :D

  9. @youvahkipicthing

    designs are for chumps!

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