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    I'm sooo lazy, so I wont tell you. D:

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    I don't like AOL
  1. Escaped convicts own this place now.

  2. I just finished Minecraft.Yes. You can see the ending after you get out of the end (duh).
  3. That's it. You're my new god.10/10If only the same parts would exist in violet...
  4. If you know me, leave a comment. If you don't, just say "HAAAAAI"

  5. Heeeey guys, it's mondaaayy....two weeks later...yeah...Sorry about that, but I barely had time to make the new comic, but from now I'll try to make at least a weekly comic.Comic 04: Lunch timeEnjoy and PLEEEEAASE post your thoughs and comments!
  6. You should totally do it, since now Minecraft has entered the code freeze, so pre 4 is going to be the last update until full realease.
  7. Morning for me doesn't exist. I do my comics only after school.
  8. LOL, I love breaking the forth wall. I hate it (?)
  9. Diggin straight down IS a rule stablished by MCplayers, so as diggin staight up, because of the possibility of finding lava or sand/gravel. But Roablin put a nice way to avoid being burned by lava. I might try that as well.
  10. Thank you guys for your comments. It came a little late, but here's the third! Comic 03: Wierd pals I'm just clearing out something before you ask: I AM lazy, but no that lazy, Gilgo will ALWAYS be optimist, no matter what. That's the fun of his personality I think. Please leave your comments about and I hope you like this one, 'cus I wont make one until monday!
  11. you have to die to get out. srsYep. You can't even make a portal to the nether. I wish there were some way to leave "the end" by killing a dragon. That would be awesome.
  12. I actually eat that. It was yummy.
  13. Ooops. I was too excited. I corrected now. And thanks for the comment, I'm pratically a noob on using GIMP. Hey guys! New comic for you! Comic 02: Social Problems Introducing a new character! What's his name? Find out on the next comic!
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