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    Yeah! I'm proud to be Christian!<br /><br />There's nothing else I want to mention...<br /><br />EDIT: 2/26/09<br /><br />Oh, there's also the obvious one, Bionicle. And Christian music. Maybe not so obvious. :P<br /><br />Also, Tahu vs. Kopaka, which is on BZP. Come play!

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  1. Nope, I have no idea what Richard is referencing. --KK17
  2. Going to go with rap for reasons stated above. --KK17
  3. Sorry about the last round, was really busy today. Anyway, I think the answer has to do with new pieces since that's the only thing that can really be changed in the real world. So I'll go ahead and go with new molds as well. --KK17
  4. Is it too late to join in? --KK17
  5. Oh, I thought we only had one thornax and target...whoops. At least I survived! --KK17
  6. Let's go with Shadowvezon. --KK17
  7. I agree with Burnmad's boat analysis and will vote Boat 7. --KK17
  8. Going to go on a whim and vote Dragon.Star and Unit. --KK17
  9. My first game after a super long hiatus and I'm already up for lynching, huh? Just like the good ol days... Well, seeing as my only shot at living is to get someone else lynched, I vote jag.
  10. You live *Snaps fingers* Studies have kept me quite busy, but I thought it was about time to come back --KK17
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