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  1. *tips euphoria*

    1. Klak


      Don't Ever Do That Again

  2. Aw yeah, bro. Now give me monies for the help, I'm poor.
  3. I've missed you guys a lot. Not coming back, but at least I have to say we had fun.

  4. Yeah, yeah. This is me.aaaaaaaaa
  5. BUH, I knew I had it wrong. I knew it.... then what do you call Ed? Just dull? Not the sharpest knife in the kitchen?'Think'. Well, nobody knows what caused Hasbro to do this, not for sure, and they won't until we get some sort of official statement from Hasbro.And we're 100% sure it was Hasbro that did this, right?-SkarYes, Sabrina Alberghetti (the storyboard artist) confirmed it was Hasbro.
  6. Mentally retarded guys = OkayMentally retarded girls = Not okayAlso this "removing" can give the message that people like this can not be accepted and should be removed by media.If Hasbro told us that they were going to do this, the backlash could have not been this huge. I remember they said that "Derpy would not be changed" a week before.
  7. Yeah, cuz you totally didn't freak out on Skype. Oh well, Derpy was good while she lasted. Guess she's Ditzy Doo now.Shh, you'll blow my cover. XPAnd well, the mention of Derpy made her official official, but she is still Derpy. The animators refer to her as such.
  8. Peace, love, and tolerance.

    1. Sumiki


      Before the bronies, I associated this phrase with hippies ...

    2. DerpLight


      ... Why not both? :D

  9. Well, I read some words in an outside forum that are practically, of wisdom. It's about love and tolerance:We can be upset about Derpy, and we can say it out loud. However, there is no need of bad words and rage, that apparently are coming out of some people there.We want to adress Hasbro, who are responsible for this change, with a calm head, so they figure that the rational part of the fandom is the one they should listen to.This Derpy thing is upsetting, but love and tolerance doesn't mean "accept everything bad that rains over you, shut up, and deal with it".
  10. Uh... I haven't tought of an OC but I made this pony a while ago and um, I think this counts as an OC...If I had to choose a name or anything, it would be... Astute? And no cutie mark because he fails at everything he does. c:Normal earth pony, yeah.
  11. Where have you been bro? D:

    1. Lord Oblivion

      Lord Oblivion

      I've been here, a bit. Nothing really that exciting on BZP anymore. Besides contests =/

  12. Squeaky Voiced Teen? xP Trying to think of a good pony pun with that, but no results. Help me bronies!
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