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  1. IC: Mirror - Tesara (Medical Tent) Mirror nodded. "Thank you Captain... will that be all?" IC: Kaenis - Arena As the others moved on deeper into the Arena, Kaenis lingered by the ships. She looked down at the machete in her (claw)... hand. It unnerved her that she couldn't remember pulling it out. The (thrill)... tension... it was getting to her. Maybe this was all a huge mistake. After everything she had tried to do, she was putting these people in danger. She took a different path around the outside of the ruins and sat down with her back to a cold stone pillar, out of the others' (scrutiny)... vision. She started breathing deeply, running through the calming routine she had used for years. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) "You won't... be rid of me?"
  2. Hey, long-time RPer stepping in, because I know how it feels to just be yelled at by the GM when you want something approved. First of all, toward the propulsion system. I realize this is kind of a moot point considering you said you'd drop it, but I did give that article you linked a read, and the critical difference here between your force sphere engine and NASA's imploding liner fusion engine is the introduction of fuel. The concept engine uses the compression in order to decrease the burning temperature of the fuel, igniting it to induce fusion, and thus creating the "explosion" that propels a rocket forward. In your force sphere engine, this fuel would be obliterated every time the force sphere collapsed and even if it could work, you'd have to add fuel and chute material to your shopping list on a constant basis... in the middle of a wasteland. But good news, it's just the science Nato's taking an issue with here, it's not the increased speed you're going for with it. Second of all, the autopilot. I know it seems nebulous to just cite "someone sent me a private message about it," but basically this is what the approval system is for. You pitch a concept, GM decides whether it's going to fly or not. Wherever it may or may not have been seen before doesn't really matter, GM said no, and sometimes players just have to live with that. What you're asking for is that other players be forced to write in Psionics users (and let me mention that Psionics is rare to get a pass in these RPs) just to give you the weakness your design needs to be approved. This isn't a Cold War scenario, it isn't even a combat-oriented game, this is a bunch of people having fun playing characters. There is no "meta." Also you are more than welcome to join the Discord anytime and have these discussions with us, but it definitely isn't necessary and some people here aren't comfortable with it, and that's fine. Thirdly, death in RPs. No one likes their character they worked so hard on just suddenly becoming unplayable, and that's exactly why we have systems like the auto-teleport from the ships. But sometimes your character upsets someone they shouldn't have, or they start a fight they can't win, and trust me, the last thing you want in that scenario is to have the GM stepping in to save you. It's not fair to you, it's not fair to the other player(s), it's not fair to the GM, and it's not fair to the story. But while these powers that can kill someone exist (as do knives and guns), it's pretty rare someone is going to run into someone evil/mad enough to use them, and when they do, there's usually a way out. With paralysis/erasing, there is no way out. Your character is at the mercy of whoever is around until it wears off, and that is exactly why it's not going to be approved. As Nato said, whether you're going to use it that way or not, someone else might come along who would.
  3. IC: Mirror - Tesara (Medical Tent) "What would you have us do?" IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) "You will just... leave?" Arkis asked, not sure he believed it.
  4. IC: Mirror - Tesara (Medical Tent) Mirror took a deep breath. "She offered us information in an effort to stay in the city. Officer Hadraeka and I believed it was in our best interest that we decline her offer and release her as ordered. However, she does believe that this attack is just the beginning, and well... 'Tesara is good at being a target,' in her words." IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) Arkis took a step back against the wall again. "P-perhaps I... I might be! I know these people, and I look... well, normal!"
  5. IC: Mirror - Tesara (Medical Tent) "Oh," Mirror looked surprised as he realized there were others in the room. "Yes, that. Um..." He glanced to Hadraeka, trying not to stick his foot in his mouth again. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) "Umm... no." Arkis shrugged helplessly.
  6. IC: Mirror - Tesara (Medical Tent) Mirror nodded and stepped inside. "Captain... it is done" IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) Arkis couldn't stop his bark of a laugh. "Not easily! I mean... you need transport... someone who could... well, take you there... without asking too many questions." IC: Garuda - Tesara (Home) Sitting in her veritable mountain of blankets, Garuda was getting tired of waiting. Snatching up a couple tiny clawfuls of blankets to pull along with her, she clambered back down toward the kitchen to find a snack.
  7. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) "Most of them... well, they're all around... Tesara. To the north."
  8. IC: Mirror - Tesara Marketplace Mirror decided it was best to leave it at that and let Hadraeka pull him away toward the tent. IC: Kaenis - Arena "It's everyone's mystery," Kaenis quietly but firmly asserted. "We're not the first people here, and probably won't be the last, but what we discover today will help everyone who has or will visit this place." IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) "Most of it is... well, produced by those... um, biomechanical types. There's a few... wells here and there, or... um, springs, but most of those have, well, dried up or become toxin in... in recent years."
  9. IC: Mirror - Tesara Marketplace Mirror is caught off-guard by the question, and before he knew it he had said, "No." IC: Kaenis - Arena Kaenis starts out of her thoughts, and puts a hand on Juno's shoulder. "We don't need to do this," she says softly. "One way or another, our discoveries will benefit all." IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) "I will... stay, and answer what I can," Arkis nods and takes a step forward.
  10. IC: Tear - Gym "Why not here?" Tear hissed, coming in close. IC: Tube - Gym Tube grabbed their Master's hand and stood up miserably, mucus still dripping from their faceplates and knees still trembling. They didn't even dare thank their Master. IC: Garrotte - Gym Garrotte was wishing she could be anywhere but here, but it looked like her team was faring even worse. As they stood, she asked in a voice barely above the noise of the music, "What is it?"
  11. IC: Mirror - Tesara Marketplace Despite his best efforts, Mirror's attention was drawn away by a waving figure, and deep down he was grateful for the distraction. He was even grateful to see Calidus, whose eager dedication to the badge was not something Mirror always agreed with. Sighing a little, he approached the Jungle Agori and a Ta-Matoran, offering a weary, "Can I help you?" IC: Kaenis - Arena As the fire vanished, Kaenis took a step out from behind Juno, still wary and low, still wielding her machete. Her eyes flicked between the Skakdi and the enormous being. And then, she stopped, and her head turned to the side as her gaze fell on Kastir. She remembered that species, from her time before... all of this. She hadn't seen one in years... And with that, she blinked hard a couple times, and looked around like she was just realizing where she stood. What was I doing...? She finally lowered her machete, standing a little straighter, a kinder look in her (feral) eyes. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) "And... what will you do if I stay?" he asked hesitantly.
  12. IC: Mirror - Tesara Medical Tent Mirror nodded back and set off back into town, and a short time later they found themselves in the center of the marketplace ruins. Mirror tried to keep his eyes focused on the tent across the square. IC: Kaenis - Arena As she looked around, Kaenis' eyes quickly snapped to the approaching Skakdi, and she watched him warily from behind Juno, hardly moving, waiting for him to make the first move. And then his fist ignited, and she practically felt her body tear in two directions, the animalistic instinct to fight or fly, but the will to flinch won out, and she ducked further behind Juno, the snarl building in her throat again. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) Even before his answer, Arkis flinching back against the wall at the Agori's approach seemed to show his feelings. "It is only natural to... well, fear the unknown..."
  13. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) "N-not much... most of it... well, it's poisoned." Arkis was eyeing the Agori, not sure what to make of it. "Most of it comes from... um... perhaps we should... get you out of there?" IC: Kaenis - The Arena Kaenis came in for a smooth landing not long after Juno. Even before the landing gear had fully settled, Kaenis had flipped from her seat and pulled out her machete in one smooth motion. She crouched low behind Juno, searching the Arena for movement, a low growl building in her throat.
  14. IC: Tear - Gym "Exactly, he's not worth defending." Tear tried to sidestep Door. IC: Tube - Gym Tube slid off Paladin's legs and curled up on the floor, feeling awful. IC: Reda - Hallways Reda idly wandered the halls whistling, wishing she had her whips to snap around. But one was snapped and she frankly didn't know who to turn to to fix it. For now, she would just focus on food. The cafeteria had to be around here somewhere... OOC: Reda open to interaction
  15. IC: Tube - Gym As they felt Paladin moving, Tube tried to tighten their grip again, but they did seem weaker than before. IC: Tear - Gym Tear thought about that briefly, then just frowned and pushed Door back again. "You're pathetic," he scoffed. "We'll see how much I play into his hand when I cut that smirk off his face!"
  16. IC: Mirror - Tesara "Yes..." Mirror sighed. "We should... go." IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) "O-of course..." Arkis replied. "Ever since... ever since the giant robots came and brought the biomechanical people."
  17. IC: Tear - Gym Tear paused, seething, his swords still caught in Door's weapons. "Why should I wait?"
  18. IC: Mirror - Tesara "I know..." he sighed. "But what if she's right, and we haven't saved ourselves from what's to come?" IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) Well, that settled it. This... thing wasn't from the world he knew. Arkis' instinct for self-preservation and his curiosity battled for a moment before he answered, "I... I'm a Glatorian. From... Spherus Magna."
  19. IC: Tube - Gym "I'm sorry, Pa..." Tube was cut off by another cough, and they stared at Paladin's legs blankly, wondering what was going on. IC: Tear - Gym "I warned you," he growled, taking a brief moment to see Crate running off. Tear allowed the sword to be turned away, only to reach back and pull out the second and slash out at Door's exposed body.
  20. IC: Tube - Gym Tube wasn't feeling so good. "Don't st..." they started weakly, only to be cut off by a cough that splattered mucus all over Paladin's legs. IC: Tear - Gym Tear's grin vanished once again as his sword caught against Door's mace. "Out of my way," he snarled, "or I'll have to cut through you as well."
  21. IC: Tear - Gym "No," Tear said simply, as he took a step forward and swung his sword down at Crate. IC: Tube - Gym "He wants to stop the noise!" Tube shouted as the sword thunked against their faceplates, though not as hard as it might have without their slow powers. Their natural resilience dulled the pain, but instead Tube started feeling a little nauseous...
  22. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) He backed up further against the wall. "Journey to... th-the surface? You mean... you came from... the C-Chasm?" It was the natural conclusion, with the Agori's... state. IC: Mirror - Tesara He paused without turning. "Yes?" IC: Kaenis - Wastes Up ahead of her, Juno started pulling away as her Rockoh's engines flared. Not wanting to get behind, Kaenis also pushed the throttle, turning back to look at Bacchus below and behind her.
  23. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) Arkis jumped back from the table, dropping the scalpel as he held his swatted hand like a child. "I... heh, I noticed," he chuckled nervously as he looked over the Agori once more. "But this... this body... what use is it to you?" None of these words made any sense to him, perhaps Makuta was one he had heard from the biomechanical beings, but like any good scientist (of a sort), he wanted to get to the answers.
  24. IC: Mirror - Tesara Mirror sighed and nodded slowly, before turning back toward the heart of Tesara. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) Arkis' morbid curiosity was piqued, but he was quickly growing tired of talking to some disembodied voice (or perhaps that would be in-bodied...). "And then... what are you?" he asked, while his hand crept back down, determined to pull aside the fleshy curtain hiding this... creature?
  25. IC: Tear - Gym Tear's jaw just dropped for a moment, simultaneously furious, confused, and embarrassed. But only for a moment, as he pushed Door out of the way and drew his sword, an easy, malicious grin growing in place of the surprise. "You don't know when to quit, do you?" he chuckled. IC: Tube - Gym Tube's grip loosened for a moment, but they quickly latched back on again and started channeling their slow powers. "Nooo!" they shouted.
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