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Elemental Legends and a self-MOC (G1 Toa combinerish things)

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I've been staying inside because of the flu, so I built the Toa Nuva Kaita earlier, and also reverse-engineered Michael Ramberg's Toa Nui Rai-Engos. I still had another full set of Toa Mata left free to use (Minus Pohatu's arms), so I gathered the Nuva and Mata scraps I had laying around, as well as a few spare parts from extras of the same sets.
Spent about half an hour each building these, and figured they were post-worthy. I see them as being sort of like a Bionicle equivalent to ancient mythic and tribal gods of the elements. I'm not good at writing much about things. So without further ado, these guys:
Onua-Tahu (Volcano)
This guy used the most spare parts from my collection, but in keeping with the personal challenge I have myself, he didn't use anything not in the Nuva or Mata sets. Mostly meant to look like a brutish, destructive giant, if anything.
Lewa-Gali (Gale)
I couldn't help but want to use both axes, as it just looked so cool. The overall design is meant to be somewhere between an axe-wielding maniac, a mech, and a multi-armed deity.
Pohatu-Kopaka (Avalanche)
Probably my favourite, although I can't quite decide between him and Gale. Intended to look like a cross between Pohatu and Kopaka's basic concepts (A runner and a swordsman), and elements.
Scrap-built self-MOC (Medic)

Gave him the Akaku, as I love steampunk (And Kopaka), as well as a walking stick, because I've had to use one for over a year, so it fit. The medic color scheme is just what I had it easiest throwing together without being too ugly. Nothing special, just something I made out of scraps and decided I liked.

"You know, there's something to be said for the simplicity of an axe and a couple nudges with the barrel of a Cordak as a way of getting others to cooperate." - Some Skakdi I just made up to say that quote

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The MoC's don't look bad...but the camera wasn't very focused. From what I can tell, Avalanche looks amazing, but it is hard to tell unfortunately.


Other great bands:

Iron Maiden    Journey    Mercenary    The Unguided    Trivium

Boston    Stratovarius    Symphony X    Epica

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