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  1. I'm about it. I think a line of constraction that doesn't rely heavily on a story focus would be a nice change of pace. The thing with both Bionicle & Hero Factory is that they were story driven. (I'm sure someone will eventually tell me there was a story for the original Throwbots/Slizers) But for a 2020 edition of Throwbots, they could just make a mobile game that has 0 substance outside of just utilizing the throwbots against the enemies. Market the bots through that game and making them look awesome like a Ninjago or something. Just as you said, "Why not?"
  2. I think the movie soundtracks for the first 3 (especially LoMN) are pure perfection for Bionicle. Many of the pieces from that soundtrack come to mind when I think of my childhood and Bionicle. However, for advertising, Move Along is perhaps the most iconic song they used (for me). That alt rock style they used is perfect for the story line and tone they were going for. I was too young when the MNOG and old school techno stuff was used, but that 2004-7 range was my time for it. I have to say, I remember the Vaahki commercial music and that was cool. Nothing like the alt rock tho. TL;DR: soundtrack & alt rock
  3. ...oh yeah I totally forgot to mention Galidor! Bring that back right now! (But actually, please don't...ever. Not even in the original magazines)
  4. It probably didn't make Mata Nui look like a toa because the set designers designed him like a Glatorian Nah, my best guess is for Toa Ignika, the mask had was able to create what a toa looked like and include weapons because of Matoro's sacrifice. It probably "remembered" or "stored" that blueprint (design, biology, whatever terminology works best) and utilized it when it created Toa Ignika. It also probably was able to manipulate the protodermis around it to create the weapons for itself. In the case of Bara Magna, I do think it was capable of knowing what the nearby life looked like and went off that. For the weapons, my best guess is due to a lack of protodermis, it either couldn't make a weapon for him on its own OR didn't know what to make it out of at the point of creation. That's my best guess why it waited for the bone to make that grand sword (and also Click). These are just my best guesses
  5. Dude! The Life on Mars UFO sets looked so freakin' cool! I totally forgot about those! They could honestly mix that concept and Rock Raiders and be successful! Yes!
  6. I want a reboot of Lego Rock Raiders and a modernized version of that old game for it! I used to spend HOURS playing 3 games as a kid: Zoo Tycoon, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and Lego Rock Raiders. But I had to stop plalying it in '06 cause that's when I got a computer too new/fancy to run that game I'd also like a reboot of either the Adventurers and/or Lego Island (doesn't have to be Extreme Stunts, but yeah). Those were my favorite themes/games to play outside of the 3 aforementioned ones. I also did have a fair amount of the sets for both of these themes as well. But yeah, I think these themes are timeless enough to do well even in today's Lego catalogue (and still strong enough to warrant more than just a gimmick app game).
  7. I disagree hard with Lewa and Onua. I would say Lewa would like something extremely percussive and uplifting like power metal (DragonForce, HammerFall, Stratovarius, etc.) or even just straight up speed metal. Onua: I definitely agree with some of the other posts thinking he'd like classical like Bach/Beethovan. The others I mostly agree with, though Tahu specifically would probably like nu-metal/alternative rock: like the stuff they play in the WWE and the Madden 07-09 soundtracks like Linkin Park, Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust, and bands of that nature. Just my take :p
  8. Alley Cat by Seventh Wonder Been stuck in my head for weeks at this point
  9. I don't know anything about the rumor, but that makes sense! Especially since those games did focus on Takua, I wouldn't find it surprising if they had that concept on the backburner til 2003. After seeing The Last Airbender series, I always questioned why Bionicle split water & ice and stone & earth. Why were they added? Just to make 6?
  10. I remember I got the original 2003 Makuta set for either Christmas or a birthday gift or something, and later got Gali Nuva. Seeing the mask of light movie and recognizing these 2 sets in said film is what started my love for the series and then I went on to get a large amount of sets through the years. That '03 Makuta set is still legit though!
  11. Confession: I was never really a big fan of the band Queen. Nothing against them, I just hadn't really heard much from them and the things I did hear were good, just not "I'm in love with them" good. Just saw the movie Bohemian Rhapsody and now I'm high key obsessed with them. The actual musical purchase: Queen Platinum Collection: Greatest Hits I, II, & III
  12. Might be a reach, but I remember owning 2 of these Magnetix Magnamen (before the recall) and playing with them around the Voya Nui saga
  13. If you're asking about physical strength, I'm not sure what percentage of the fanbase lifts...oh not that kind of strength... I think there's a chance it'll return in the future. From '04-'08 and '15, I took a great interest in Bionicle. I still have so many of my old pieces and sets, but I never use them anymore. I do still play the 2003 gamecube game every-so-often. I can start and beat that game in an afternoon at this point, but it's still a great source of nostalgia for me. I love that game! I hope in the future, if we get Bionicle again, we get an actual dedicated console game, not just a bunch of gimmicky mobile game. In short, I think there's still a strong fanbase for Bionicle, but like others have said: quality vs quantity.
  14. So, this raises a question, at least in mind; if Onua can control magma and cause eruptions, are there overlaps in power with Tahu? I know that fire is it's own thing, and that lava and magma are different, but Tahu does surf on the lava and doesn't he show some control over it? At least maybe in G1? While I typed that, I thought of another question: If Onua battled a water being, and that being cooled down magma enough to where it became stone, would Onua be able to reverse that process, or would he just have to manipulate some other form of earth (since cooled magma transforms into the stone category)?
  15. ...so you basically want Lego to "remaster" the entire G1 toyline? I would honestly love to see them remaster the the rahi beasts with more modern pieces. That and the Toa Inika with gear functions and more conventional masks
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