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  1. Nostaligc question i know. Tell me your first set, and tell me the sets you got that year and the sets in following years. Dont go all the way Because memory thing and you donnt want to. Just do as much as you like one set, your first 5 sets, your first 15, etc do however many you want,i just feel loney in only doing this with myself. I am the question asker. Just thought i'd do mine and also set a template. My brother was also into bionicles, and he is olde than me, so he started it out. I consider our collection to be together. He was born1996, so he was about 7 here. i as about 2.i was born 2000 so just go with the year for my actual year. yeah im 18 now unforatenly My brother got Bohrok Va blue one in 2002. I played with it and messed it up and he got mad. 1st set My brother (possibly, dont really know. 2 set My brother got ToaMetru Matau in 2004. 3rd set My brother got Green visorak in 2005. 4th set My brother got Toa Iruini in 2005. 5th set My brother got Piraka Zaktan in his birthday (December 11) in 2005. 6th set I got Piraka Hakann. Probably my first set (how cute) in 2006. 7th set My brother got Toa Inika Nuparu, Kongu, Hahli, Matoro, Jaller and theOther one i forget, in a "I dont know" order. green, blue, white, red, black, brown My brother got Kalmah in late 2006 or early2007. My brother gotPridak and I gotEhlek. Think his missing some parts so we just used them to build my Ehlek. My dad made him do that. I kinda felt bad for him, but hey, I got my Ehlek. My brother allegedly got Toa Mahri Nuparu, hewkii and I got hahli but her parts broke . I got Maxilos and Spianx for my birthday. We got PhantokaPohatu,Lewa,Antroz and Vamprah for us on Easter 2008. (love you mom) Chrox cam shortly after. We got Strakk and I tried to build him but couldn't, so my brother just built him. I was only 8 guys. 2 WeGot Malumand Gresh on Easter 2009, Because I complained that we didn't get any bionicles that year, so later that day they were like "the easter bunny came and these guys were hiding" or some funny thing like that. We got Tarix later. Well, my brother did. I had nothing to do with him being built. We got Berix andRaanu I think. We got Glatorian Legends Mata Nui, Ackar, Vastus, Stronius (2x bcuz our friend gave his oursBcuz he couldn build him), I got Tuma, Axalarah T9, Rockoh T-3, baranus v7 for my bday. My brother got Mistika Tahu, Onua, and i gotKrika. we didnt get any more misitka,but I wish we got the other. We got all the bionicle stars.
  2. I see them as Matoran buddies and as Takua becomes Takanuva, and then a year later (not counting the flashbacks years, because thats what they are, flashbacks)Jaller becomes a Toa Inika, and then a Toa Mahri. And Takanuv returns in 2008 as the "Shadow Takanuva" Imagine how cute it would be if they both met eachother, now both as Toa.
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