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Bioni-Lords 3 Preview 1

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#1 Offline Pahrak #0579

Pahrak #0579
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Posted Dec 02 2011 - 01:13 PM

(Now that Book 2 is over, I thought you guys might want a look at Book 3. As with all previews, the contents are subject to change when the actual Book is written, and this may contain spoilers. Feel free to ask questions, but I may keep some things under wraps for a bit longer.)


“Here you go,” Ackahu said, holding out a bag. “50 Widgets and one Fire Ultima-Orb.”Tahra took the bag and said, “Once I’m qualified, I’ll come back here and beat you again. Enjoy being Fire-Lord while you can.”Ackahu smirked and walked off, and Tahra admired her Ultima-Orb and said, “Huh, it does shine a little more when it’s the one you’ve earned…”She noticed the other children approaching, and Kytan said, “That was quite the battle! You are extremely skilled.”“Thanks…who’re you?” Tahra replied.“Oh, my apologies,” Kytan said. “I am Kytan Ikhav. This is my younger brother, Genakex, and our friend, Xyla Pahrop.”“Ikhav, huh?” Tahra said. “Well, I’m Tahra. Tahra Vakar.”“Vakar…” Xyla repeated. “Wait, are you Takama’s daughter?”“Who?” Genakex asked.“The Third Fire-Lord,” Kytan answered. “He retired not long ago due to illness.”“Yeah, that’s my dad,” Tahra said. “He’s doing better, so I’m finally starting my quest. Thanks for your concern.”“Would that make you next in line to be Fire-Lord?” Genakex asked. “Er, wait…Ackahu is the Fourth Fire-Lord…”“You need to be 17 years old and Level 14 to be an Element-Lord, moron,” Xyla said.“Yeah…so that loser Ackahu gets to be Fourth Fire-Lord,” Tahra said. “But I’m still going to pursue my birthright. Once I become Level 14, I’m going to train everyday until I turn 17, and then I’m going to beat Ackahu to a bloody pulp and become Fifth Fire-Lord.”“So…you can do that?” Genakex asked. “I mean, Fire is generally a male Element—“Genakex was interrupted when Tahra grabbed him by the collar, got in his face, and said, “Do you have a problem with a female Fire-Lord? Because if so, I can give you a special demonstration of just how good I am at burning things.”“I…uh…no…I didn’t…” Genakex stammered.“He didn’t mean to offend you, I’m sure,” Kytan said. “Genakex just isn’t good with words sometimes.”“Y-yeah!” Genakex said. “I-I’m sure you’ll make a great F-Fire-Lord!”“I think you should burn him anyway,” Xyla whispered to Tahra.Tahra glared at Genakex a little longer, but then she backed off and said, “I think you still need a little more proof. I’m going to travel with you guys. Seeing me in action should incinerate every last bit of doubt.”“It will be a pleasure to have you,” Kytan said, bowing.“It will?” Genakex said with a bewildered look. “I mean, uh, it will! Yeah! Welcome to the group!”“I think we’ll get along just fine, Tahra,” Xyla said, smiling, “if only for our mutual hatred of Genakex.”

Complete the cycle.

Coming soon.

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#2 Offline Keizah the Kaleidoscope

Keizah the Kaleidoscope
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Posted Dec 02 2011 - 04:09 PM

I'm liking the chemistry of this group already. Smoke 'em, Tahra-chan! :P

Edited by Keizah the Kaleidoscope, Dec 02 2011 - 04:09 PM.

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#3 Offline Phoenixian Wraith

Phoenixian Wraith
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  • 24-February 09
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Posted Dec 03 2011 - 07:46 AM

Go Tahra! But I think Xyla was a little over the top... eh, maybe not, habits need to break :yinyang:
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#4 Offline Lenore

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  • 01-November 10
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Posted Dec 05 2011 - 11:42 AM

Very good, I am filled with anticipation for Kako. I like Kytan, and Tahra seems to have an irritability and temper almost as bad as mine.

Edited by MoC1: BZPower Paladin, Dec 05 2011 - 04:30 PM.

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