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Throughout his incarnations, Makuta has always been a failed ruler, secretly coveting the admiration he was never qualified to receive.
Here, he has succeeded; King Makuta, fierce defender of the people of Okoto, even at the small expense of their liberty.
Freedom is a dangerous thing. Kneel to the crown.

Been working on this guy for about a month for the Rebrick contest (technically I had a head start, but I'm going on vacation, so sue me =P). Haven't MoC'd with physical bricks since... 2010, I want to say, so a solid six years. Before CCBS.

Pretty pleased with how it turned out, all things considered; there's stuff I could blather on about, but my favorite part is the crown, which was the original design impetus and took a while to get right, but just clicked in the end.

Criticism, questions, critiques, etc. always welcome. Yes my photography is atrocious.
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That's pretty nice. I see a balance of smoothness and detail in this. Looks as if it belongs to G1 and G2 at the same time.

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Snip snippity snip, yes my photography is atrocious.

Dude, your photography is wondrous. If you think yours is bad look at my Brickshelf folder.


The only thing I can't approve of is the armour. Aren't those shells from a bootleg? If so, he'll probably get kicked from the contest. Otherwise, nice job.

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Both the hero we deserve, and the one most likely to put on mandatory power metal concerts for his subjects.


That off-center cape is unbearably classy, especially paired with that outsized pauldron, and the head makes me think that you need to try your hand at an MOC interpretation of Morgoth Bauglir.

We will remember - Skies may fade and stars may wane; we won't forget

And your light shines bright - yes so much brighter shine on

We will remember - Until the skies will fall we won't forget

We will remember

We all shall follow doom

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Excellent model. As soon as I saw it, I immediately understood without reading anything else it's supposed to be Makuta in a victorious light, which we rarely see. It's an interesting concept well-executed, especially in the horns around the Mask of Control.


Extra kudos goes to the description of him. As soon as I read "the small expense of their liberty," I thought, "Wait, what?" and the description immediately detects that and shoots down my thoughts with "Freedom is a dangerous thing. Kneel to the crown." Very menacing and intimidating, as if Makuta himself wrote it.

"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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