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Zesky, Wasteland Mechanic

She can fix anything and everything with her bare hands. The wrench is for customers who don't want to pay. 

Zesky, Wasteland Mechanic

Additional photos: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1GQMp7pH7R/



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Delightful!  Zesky's patchy, asymmetrical armor & ragged cloak fit the post-apocalyptic Scavenger World aesthetic of Bara Magna eminently well, as does the rugged sandbike.  And of course it's always gratifying to see someone portray an arthropod character as having so much, well, character, rather than simply as a mindless villain or monster.  Was the Vorox whose cranial carapace is displayed on the front of her bike a deceased friend or relative whose memory is being honored, or a customer who didn't want to pay?

The one and only criticism I would advance is that the CCBS shell on the torso currently displays an awful lot of smooth, flat blank space which is slightly incongruous with the uneven, cobbled-together appearance of the rest of the character's "costume".  I would break it up with something.  Maybe a chain wrapped around part of it?

I would definitely read stories about this character if you ever write any.

Once upon a time, my display name was Death of the Endless, but I can't get into that account anymore, so I made this new one.  Not that that really matters, since I mostly lurked and was known to hardly anyone.

If you like animated shorts and/or dramatic readings of bad fanfiction, check out my youtube channel!

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Lovely model. It strongly reminds me of Enfys Nest, especially after I read:



I agree with the criticism of the torso armor being unfittingly smooth. A chain or some kind of cover would make it look as perfectly patched-together as the rest. It's an excellent model though, and as soon as I saw it I couldn't decide if it looked best as BIONICLE, RoboRider, Star Wars, or Mad Max.

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