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That Matoran with a Vahi

Have we had any Traditional Animators in the Fandom?

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 It's just something I've... been wondering, honestly. I remember seeing various types of animation work around BZPower in my days: sprite animations were all the rage at one point, and even at present I still see people doing impressive animation work via stop-motion, flash, and fully-developed cgi. But the one kind that I've never seen here on BZ, as far as I can remember, is traditional hand-drawn style animation.

I'm not sure if that's because I haven't been in the right places at the right time, or if it's because Bionicle simply doesn't lend itself to a type of animation where every little detail would need to be drawn so repetitiously. I suspect, kinda, that it may be the latter; but I also know that we've had thousands of members come through BZ over the course of its life, many of whom with high creative ambitions. And so, as a self-taught traditional-animator-wannabe, I just wonder.

Does anyone know if the Bionicle fandom has produced any traditionally-drawn animation work during its almost 20 years? Because if so, I'd love to see it; both for its own sake, and to maybe take from it some hints of the way others have gone about the process ^^

(Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer!)

(Formerly Darth Jaller)


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I'd be very curious to see this too. I suspect that the effort required would be daunting though, sprite animation is relatively quick to do; and CGI once a model is fully rigged it doesn't need to be drawn again. Of course Flash animation is also popular in thanks to MNOG, but while its 2D its not what I would quite consider traditional animation.

If anyone has done it, I would love to see it. I imagine the Miramax/Creative Capers styles would actually lend to some dynamic use in hand drawn animation. 

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