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Requests are finished!

Requests are all done! Sorry that it took a while this time, decided to put more effort into them then I was originally planning to   So, lets get started! I drew them in the order they were requested.   1 - Voltex: Two Protectors This one was interesting. You may notice this piece has cleaner linework then the rest, mostly because the program decided to crash halfway through, the one time I forgot to save frequently of course. Instead of using a lucky screengrab direct

Requests, as Requested.

Sorry for taking so long. Schoolwork, general life and other things took priority; I could've probably had the next LoTN comic up by now, but I decided id finish off the requests for you guys first   Request 1: "The Team", for Pohatu: Master of Stone. Link   This one took quite a while. Note to self: Limit amount of characters in future requests I tried quite a few different techniques and spent a lot of time on Goreg's mask to make It look black with green cracks, but


I couldn't think of a title.   I feel terrible, and cant sleep, or think of what to do... maybe i'll draw a bit, finish that picture for the art contest (even though its too late to enter), or work on LoTN's description thing... We'll see.   I should probably say something important here... I'm taking bionicle requests. My brother and others keep telling me i should take commissions, but i don't like charging people money for a skill I don't feel I've fully mastered yet... if
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