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Self Centered?

Vezok's Friend


I really hate starting this blog-entry with "I". I noticed a while back I often fall back to comparing things people blog, post and such with things that have happened or are happening to me or with myself personally. I don't know why I'm doing it and I feel it just comes across as egotistical.


That is completely unintentional and a stupid habit and I'm working on that issue.


Enough personal drama for the night. Back to RPing, working on a shirt-design and a banner, a painting, a webcomic...


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Using words like "So", "And now" or something similar is a good way of avoiding this. As is a quick, one-sentence preface. I do try to avoid that sort of thing though - Just feels like it's a bit unprofessional to me when I write it. Looks alright though.

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