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Vezok's Friend


HAL is back. Aparrently he did not decide I was risking the Space-mission.


A few days without PC access can really get you to thinking. And I don't mean more time thinking away from the PC, I mean sleep-deprived lying awake asking about the question that results in 42 at 2am and no end in sight.


I got some good results and some mental walls. Also I really lack in socializing in RL atm. Pm, comment or talk to me?


The upside(s) are not bad though: I figured out why some people I know are as awesome as they seem, I watched Season 5 of House over the last 3 days and feel like his nicer younger self by now (Problem?)...oh, and AC: brotherhood collectors edition arrived yesterday :3


Now all that remains is to update HAL to run Win7 and I will be back with full force! Also I decided to update my Blog-design over the next 2 weeks. And I have started drawing a weekly webcomic. Nothing is online so far, but it will be. In time.


How have you guys been the last week?


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