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Why I Wouldn't Make A Great Toa



In recent times I've found I'm quite a cunning person, both in games and in real life. Rather than confronting a problem head-on, I like to play tricks on my opponent and catch them off-guard. And whenever I do I tend to perform a well-developed evil laugh! :evilgrin:


Eg. In a Pokémon battle simulator I frequent, I use a Pokémon called Zoroark, who comes in looking like another Pokemon, usually one that is vulnerable to attacks Zoroark is immune to (Among other tricks involving Pokémon like Shedinja, Shuckle, Ditto and Espeon).


Eg. While tinkering around in Warcraft 3's World Editor, I've found I have the most fun making scenarios where I control a team of invisible units (such as Akama and a group of Draenei Stalkers), sneaking them into enemy bases to destroy them slowly while constantly fading in and out of view to the opponent. The opponents never see me coming until I land the first blow! XD


Lately I've been making use of my skills on online chat. I've had issues with cyber-bullying on a chatroom I frequent, from people as high-rank as ADMINS! According to rumor, they say bad things about me behind my back. So, I've decided to enter the chatroom disguised as a guest, to try and catch them out. They haven't said anything about me yet (except one person asking if I was in the chatroom under a different name, during which time I said nothing), but they have no idea who i really am! It's so fun!


Once they say enough worth reporting, I will make logs of what's said, and then show them to the owner of the chatroom, and hopefully disciplinary action will be taken. If it is, I will then reveal myself and watch and laugh at their reactions! :nahnah: :superfunny:




If I was a Toa, I'd probably use masks like the Volitak, the Mahiki, the Kualsi and maybe the Huna, because they'd suit my cunning battle style and personality perfectly!

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Dude, just follow in Nidhiki's footsteps.


Well, aside from the betray-your-Toa-team-and-get-turned-into-a-bug-and-get-eaten-by-Teridax part. :lol:

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