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Magic Mirror Espeon Is Mine!



I just played a new game on the official Pokemon website that will allow me to get an Eevee evolution with a unique ability when the Global Link finally gets up and running, and the Eeveelution I won was ESPEON!


While Espeon normally have the special ability Synchronise, which copies most status (like poison) that is inflicted on it, this Espeon will have the epic ability Magic Mirror, which reflects ANYTHING used against it that doesn't do damage. Try to poison it with Toxic? You get poisoned! Try to Taunt it? YOU get Taunted! Try to set up Spikes while it's in play? YOU get the spikes! Try to force it out with Whirlwind? YOU get forced out!


I use this Espeon on a simulator alongside a Ditto with Eccentric (who transforms into the opponent immediately upon entering), and it's done AMAZINGLY! Not to mention it's fun to play such a cunning trick!


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