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My Name And Its Underscore Issue



As you know, I'm quite pedantic about people using underscores rather than spaces when typing my name, because of potential confusion between me and the other Makuta of Oz, with spaces. However, I don't mind if people leave out underscores when abbreviating my name to MoO or MoZ. Just thought I'd clear that up.


And no I'm not a cow. :P


BTW, before you start, I don't want to change my display name until Bionicle comes back. I already have a name in mind for when that happens.


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And what's that name? I WAS VICTORIOUS or something? :P


~ BioGio

Actually my display name will be completely unrelated to Bionicle.


I will call myself No. 1 Machop Fan, so it's parralel with nearly every other Internet forum I'm a member of.


(I knew someone was gonna ask BTW :P)

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I sure hope you like being called MoO.

Well, it's better than Chicken, Harry Potter and <insert French word meaning 'late' here>, that's for sure! :P

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