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Why Should Age Matter?



If you really like something, you shouldn't let age or your social life stop you from enjoying it. I personally don't believe in growing out of things. Such a concept is only an excuse for trying to fit in with the social norm.


Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a teddy bear to cuddle with!


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Baby! :P jk jk But, if we never grew out of things, we would still be drinking out if baby bottles.


I think I may have made myself sound like an ABDL! :S


But what I meant was franchises, rather than lifestyles.

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I love veggie tales. IMO like what you want, you'll get no (serious) jusdgement from me, though I may joke around. I'm obviously not gonna' bash anyone for liking the wiggles or teletubbies when I like MLP :P

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