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I would not support any of these, save for the MN robot.


Some things should be left to the fan base. If we canonize every thing left and right, what would be left?

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I would not support any of these, save for the MN robot.Some things should be left to the fan base. If we canonize every thing left and right, what would be left?

This isn't about appearance, this is about playability. How can we play with something that doesn't exist? Plus, many characters can't be MOC'd.


We know exactly what the MU robot looks like, and we know it's not makable.

Artakha's description mentions him being covered in runes, and no rune-filled pieces exist, nor does the Mask of Creation.

The Sisters of the Skrall have grey faces, and no grey Iron Man heads exist. Plus, no robes exist for them to wear, though one can make do with a pair of Vezon capes, or by making one for them.

Helryx's and Tuyet's masks and weapons don't exist. The only spiked mace that exists is black, and the only Olmak that exists is gold.


From an MOCer's perspective, each set except (maybe) the MU Robot could bring a plethora of new pieces to the table, like the aforementioned blue or silver spiked mace and a barbed broadsword. So the creation of these sets can keep both collectors and MOCists happy.

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I have no problem with the MU robot coming out as a set, even on a smaller scale.


But who says characters can't be MOCed? I've seen plenty of Tuyet and Helryx sets, as well as Artakha and even the MU robot. (Can't say I've seen the same fan output with the Sisters of the Skrall, but maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. :P)


A lot of fans - me included - have their own ideas about what characters should look like. Just because a character doesn't have a set form doesn't necessarily mean that they don't have to in the minds of the fans, or their art, or their MOCs. In fact, a set form of many of the non-set characters would, most likely, not be nearly as good as either described in the story or imagined in the minds of fans.


As far as the sets being good for MOCing purposes, I'm perfectly satisfied with the Hero Factory parts that we've been getting. I'll be (somewhat brutally) honest here when I say that the first few years of Hero Factory have introduced many more useful parts and recolors than the waning years of BIONICLE. The BIONICLE building system was getting old, and the usefulness and backwards-compatibility of the Hero Factory parts are exponential. Plus, remember: if BIONICLE did come back, it would have the Hero Factory build. They won't ditch such a building system - that would be like BIONICLE going back to Slizer builds after the Metru got introduced. The building system has to evolve.

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I know MOCs of Tuyet, Artakha, Kojol etc. can be done with imagination, but their masks do not exist in set form, and IMO that alone is a massive limitation.

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I guess I'm just chalking it up to differences of opinion, but the lack of set form masks doesn't bother me. I guess it's because MOCs aren't the only form of BIONICLE art, and they're not the only form of art that fan labor was canonized from.

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I support Tuyet and the MU robot becoming sets. As for the others, I don't want them canonized.



Also, consider that custom things can be made as well as MOC's. It's just a matter of ease having all the pieces already.

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