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Everyone says that the 2006+ sets are brittle and break at the shortest notice. Well, I have a story that proves that wrong:


I have all my Skrall sets, including Tuma and Stronius, lined up on the floor in one corner of my room because I have an imagination. Last night, don't ask me how, but I lost my balance and fell on them, my hand knocking Stronius down. Panicked, I looked Stronius over twice to see if he was cracked, but found nothing! Furthermore, I later found a cut on my wrist which must've come from a Skrall weapon!


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The 2008-2010 sets have different sockets compared to those used in 2005-2007. They were redesigned for improved durability. They're not perfect, though. My hand on Bulk is beginning to break ;_;


The current sockets are easily the best yet. Yes, they're a lot bigger, but they're almost indestructible.

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I really don't get the criticism, either. :/ I've only EVER had problems with lime parts from 2007, which LEGO even acknowledged was a problem. The others, I don't remember them doing... Yet it worries me enough to hesitate to take anything apart...

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I think after the 2007 joint problem people began to panic any time a part broke, and then assumed that all the panicking meant that the problem was still going on just as much as it had been in 2007. In reality, the issue got much better, even though there still were issues with parts breaking up until HF introduced the new reinforced joints.


At the same time, examples of parts NOT breaking doesn't prove anything. All it shows is that there are some post-2006 joints that don't have problems, and everybody already knows that.

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