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My 21St



So, I took the train to the city (going down my line is getting staler every time I do it), and then met all my friends at the EBGames in Melbourne. As always, we went inside and started playing Pokemon together, and tried out some of the games they had on display at the Nintendo Experience upstairs.


I was able to win every battle I participated in (which was actually quite a few), except one multi battle (where two people battle against two other people). The champion of the recent tournament in October is STILL unable to defeat me one-on-one, and I've been using the same DS team each time! :P This time I ended up defeating him without loss! Many people believe I could become the next champion at the coming tournament next month. If it's the same rules as it has been in the past (which tbh I doubt), then there is a good chance I will!


We then went to Maccas and had lunch, chatted a bit, and then went back. EVENTUALLY the other guy who's birthday we were supposed to be celebrating showed up, at about 4pm! I should've given him an alarm clock! :P


I then decided to go home early because I was getting tired in my old age. It had become more like just another meetup than a birthday party anyway, but at least it was good to see more new faces from the social media group.


My party with my family will be tomorrow. I couldn't have it yesterday because someone else was celebrating their 60th on the same day.


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