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Ac18 Updates



Hi everyone! Don't worry, I haven't given up on my AC18 entry. Since I last blogged about it, I scanned my drawing and put in a lot of work separating the parts of it into different layers, before realizing that it would be easier to just print off some copies of it and color it using non-digital media.


So I have my first colored draft mostlyt finalized now. It uses colored pencil and thus gets a lot more detail than I would have had time to do digitally. However, I am going to print off a couple more copies of it and try coloring it with different media if I have time. Watercolors would be the ideal medium if I wanted to go for the less detailed color layout I had planned to do digitally (each character and their elemental powers tinted with a one-color filter).


As of right now, there are two other entries in the contest and I believe there is going to be an extension. If not, I probably won't have time to experiment with other media since I'm going to be at a press event this weekend. But since I have a colored draft finished, I should be able to enter on short notice if there turns out not to be an extension.


Anyone else got an entry nearly-finished but not yet posted? Or is this going to be a very small pool of entries? Either way, best of luck to all those who are entering. I know there's a lot of talent apparent in the entries submitted so far, but I'm sure that's not the limit of artistic talent here on BZPower!




On a side note also related to art/creativity, I encourage everyone to read this PDF. It's an extremely informative booklet about systematic creativity put out by the LEGO Learning Institute. I like it a lot because it makes me more confident in my own creativity by expressing that no, I'm not less creative just because I'm better at creative work when given constraints to work within. Ironically the idea of "creativity with constraints" was mentioned by one of my professors in their tribute to me at my college graduation last December.

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i have the ideas for my 3 entries, and I'm definately going to do one of them. I just need to do the backround and digitally combine it with another drawing I made. haven't started on the other two

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