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2012 Coat Awards



Here are 8 brand new coat awards to add to your collection! (because you know SO many people still use these :P)

For more coat awards and the original blog entry, here's a SUPER convenient link: Coat Awards

Add them to your blog or profile if you've earned any of them!


Doctor Who Coat

doctor_coat.png - Are a fan of Doctor Who


Dark Blue Coat

dark_blue_coat.png - Have 50 or more friends in your friends list


Santa Coat

santa_coat.png - You love Christmas


Elf Coat

elf_coat.png - Are a fan of the movie Elf


Gray Santa Coat

gray_santa_coat.png - You hate Christmas


Teal Coat

teal_coat.png - Always use proper grammar


Bow Tie Coat

bow_tie_coat.png - You think bow ties are cool


Neon Coat

neon_coat.png - Been a member since the old BZP forums


Remember, coats are very precious and amazing inventions and should be treated with the utmost love and care..oh yeah and disco is in this year and all that stuff...


-Jordboy1 :miru:



Recommended Comments

I actually think that, once again, I have the ability to use all but one of the coats. xD


And that Who related coat is awesome. ^_^ *Wonders if I have 50+ friends* If I don't, then I'm very close. =P

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