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Look at all the INTJs



According to the latest Brony Census, more than a quarter of MLP fans have the INTJ personality type.


Super strange, yall! Considering it is rather uncommon in the general population. Or so I hear. I'm an INTJ and know several more so I've always been a bit puzzled by the supposed rarity.


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Pretty fascinating stuff. I always figured there were probably a few more I-types and INTJs in the fandom than in the general population, but 28% is literally an order of magnitude higher than this type is represented elsewhere.


I'm an INTJ too, by the way.

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INTJ here as well. Perhaps it is a result of the type's inclination towards not caring about societal norms and being open-minded enough to simply appreciate the merit of something without having to factor in any of the "baggage".


Then again, that could probably go for more types than just the one, and it's simply the first thing that popped into my poor, sleep-deprived mind, so I'm probably pretty far off of the mark. XD

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Whoaa that's kind crazy, that a good number of them would match in all four types. (I'm an ENFJ so only two similarities here.)


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