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I'm back (plus fanfiction updates)




Hey, everybody. I'm back from my vacation. Had a great time and did loads of stuff. If anyone is interested, I went to Schiltterbahn in New Braunfels, Texas. This is the third time I've gone to Schlitterbahn in three years, but it's the first time I stayed in one of the Treehaus resorts. Very fancy.


Anyway, I've got a few announcements I'd like to make regarding my fanfics:


Firstly, I've started work on the second draft of the tentatively titled In the End, which for those who may not know is the sequel to my current epic, Dawn of the New Century. I think the epic will be ready for posting in early 2014, based on the current speed I am working at. Expect to see further updates on this blog about its status in the future.


Also, I've been working on a new comedy recently because I want to write something wacky and nonsensical. I haven't decided if I will post it on BZP once I finish it, hence why I have been mum about it so far. All I can confirm is that it is a crossover between Bionicle and another franchise, although until I decide whether to post it or not I will refrain from identifying that other franchise.


Regarding the new "Titans and Monsters" contest, I think I may enter it with a short story. Already have an idea. Just have to see if I can find the time to write it.


That's all for now, so see ya.





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