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Plausible Theory

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


I was talking to Lady Kopaka last night, and as we exchanged ideas, we suddenly hit upon our very first collaborated, and possibly true, Bionicle theory.


The Zamor are actually bald Tribbles.




Greg said the Bahrag made the Krana, which were a form of projectile, and both Krana and Zamor are available in green. Obviously, the Krana are some form of squishy mutant Tribble, which the Bahrag enslaved through telepathic suggestion and forced to command their Bohrok armies.


As everyone knows, the Tribbles multiplied quickly. Just like the Tribbles, you drop a Zamor, it will multiply into several hundred little shards.


Since Makuta is the master of disguises and full of sneaky plans, it's entirely likely he at one point infiltrated a Klingon warship under the guise of an incredibly believable walking shrub. He can't stand the light, though, so as he snuck through the cargo hold in the dark, he probably would have stumbled across a Tribble or two stowing away under some packing peanuts. Being as he finds evil uses for everything, he tucked a few away in his pockets. He most likely later shaved the rapidly increasing number of Tribbles at his lair, to save himself the trouble of daily brushings.


Further proof:


If you'll look closely, you can make out the faintest suggestion of a nose in the Zamor's colorful swirls, but it's a common fact that nobody has ever spotted a fuzzy Zamor.


Although Makuta was quite inconveniently crushed under the door by Takanuva's sneakiness, Greg said he wasn't killed. But, to keep his essence from drifting out of his smashed armor and dissipating, he would have used his remaining strength to drain his essence into the nearest living beings: The Tribbles. His green essence dyed them green, because everyone knows nothing green ever dyed anything blue or orange.


When the Piraka came onto the scene, they would have obviously been no better than any Matoran at resisting the Tribbles' adorable squeaks, and took them out of the lair with them. Through the Tribbles, Makuta telepathically transmitted his plan for them to get the Mask of Life.


Once the Piraka arrived at their fortress, they found they were low on projectiles (probably because they hadn't made any yet), and were at a loss as to what to do until Avak hit upon the brilliant idea of launching the handy Tribbles. Being stuffed into the launchers startled the Tribbles into silence.


As for the large container of green stuff, that's just a prop made by Zaktan, which he tries to make convincing by talking to once in awhile. After all, if you were a former Dark Hunter and planning to steal one of the universe's greatest masks, would you want anyone to know you fell for the cuteness of a ball of fuzz?


So there you are: eight whole paragraphs of proof that the Zamor are actually bald Tribbles.


Recommended Comments

A tribble is a fuzzy creature from Star Treak, Takatu.


What I say to this theory:

GENUIS! I actually had the theory that they were tiny planets inhabited by small monkey-dog-horse creatures, but this is MUCH more possible and believable than that! It would be so like Makuta to manipulate and use cute creatures for evil! I mean, just look at the Kraata!

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It has already been confirmed Zamor apeheres are evil jawbreakers. :talk2hand:



They were good jawbreakers before Makuta suckled on them and made them evil. Then the piraka found them but c`ouldn't eat them because of their teeth and launched them at matoran.

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So, how come my zamors aren't multiplying? I ought to have a billion by now!


What? No, you can't have them! Factory defects or not, the plastic Tribbles are MINE!


Wish I had been awake at that hour to chat with you guys. (Although, to be honest, it's pure luck that one of the only classic Star Trek episodes I've seen happens to be "The Trouble with Tribbles.")


- :vahi:


EDIT: Somehow I quoted an entirely unrelated entry in a different blog. It's gone now, thank goodness.

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Despite going against several known facts and having more holes than a cheese grater, this is quite possibly the best theory ever. My theory about the squiddies being an aquatic form of the Denebian Slimedevils is even less plausible, but maybe I'll blog it later.





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Odd, this is a nice theory, but still odd, you have a vivid imagination, Turakii, you too LK.

Yeah. When'd 'ya learn that. :P


Yeah, that would be so totally copyright infringement.

Lego would be in so much trouble.


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Oh, it's all so clear! That's why the Tribbles wanted the Mask of Life! The wanted to bring Kirk back!


Who can blame them?

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