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The Golden Days of the BZP Blogs



I just looked at the top ten blogs by comments, and four of them have been inactive for years. Feeling nostalgic. *wistful sigh*


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Having thought about it for quite a while, I'd have to say one of my deepest rooted fears, or at least the basis for many of them, is simply the thought of inevitability.


Communities will drift apart, friends drop out of contact, attitudes change, and everything you once knew ends.


I am truly, deeply impressed at how much of a hit to the gut it can be to see something as basic as the number "2010". The simplest things often have the most power.

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I'm surprised I'm still near the top of the "most comments" sort. I do so little blogging now (ever since that 6-month BZP downtime), but it seems others do even less.



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