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Whatever Happened to the Comedies Subforum?



I'll make a confession. I have pretty much ignored the comedies subforum for years now. Checking it regularly was one of the casualties of the Great Downtime, since so many of the great comedic minds of BZPower moved on from the site, and what was left (in my eyes) was a wasteland of long-form Bionicle parodies (which I had had my fill of, like I had with Bionicle in general) and stories about flanderized Bionicle characters in decidedly non-Bionicle situations (The Toa Try To Run an Establishment of the Author's Choice, etc.).


I guess I thought it the subforum would survive whether or not I checked it, as it had before I discovered BZP comedies in the first place. Plenty of other subforums do, after all. I've never had any interest in RPGs, for instance, but the RPG subforum remains one of the most active parts of BZP. But now that I've written a comedy of my own (gasp!), I can see that that wasn't really the case. Not only has my Caveat Scriptor entry gone without comments, but in the course of keeping track of it I couldn't help but notice that not much else is happening in that subforum, either. I hope more people contribute to the ongoing contest, because currently the forum seems to be the deadest part of BZP.


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Short Stories is in the same boat, really; its critics' club even had to be shut down because of such low activity. The Library has been dying a slow death for a few years now. For a long time I've felt like part of it was due to the high expectations and attitude that was adopted there driving people away, but who can tell. There's been other stuff at play, of course. Hoping other people enter the Comedies contest, as well.

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fishers left. It died. :P


iBrow left, cause of like schoolwork or something. It exploded and turned into a nuclear wasteland. :P


Yeah, I used to be reeaally active down there yonder abouts. It used to be a really active place, thanks to iBrow, Toa Zehvor MT, Hubert, and I even wrote a comedy or five and was part of the CCC for awhile. I look forward to getting back there with my new work and stuff, but it just keeps getting put off because I have too many other things I have to do. :(


IMO the Library was sluggish even when the website was real active. I started a reviewing campaign to try to deal with that, but when the critics clubs started their charity reviewing initiative, I finally let my boredom with some of the Library's work to get the better of me. Not to mention the infamous "BZP Library Discussion Topics" which turned into Comedies vs. S&E wars, i.e.Comedies need an overhaul because they're not up to Short Stories and Epics quality. None of that was anywhere close to productive.


I approve of the contest. I'm not sure that I'll enter it, mostly because I tend to get involved in everything, and it would probably best to give some people some breathing room.

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I have moved on from Comedies and find the idea of a forum being dedicated strictly to humor to be an uncomfortable restraint on my creativity. While my writing has always, still does, and will always have humor to it, I do not wish to be designing stories all around the jokes, nor do I wish to ignore an integral part of my writing style if I were to write in, say, the Epics subforum, as my work could theoretically be re-classified and moved to somewhere I don't feel it belongs.


That is a major reason why even the project I am working on right now will most likely never see the light of day here on BZPower, and part of the reason why I have "retired", so to speak, from the Comedies forum.

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stories about flanderized Bionicle characters in decidedly non-Bionicle situations (The Toa Try To Run an Establishment of the Author's Choice, etc.).


I don't know about you, but I remember a time when those types of comedies were MUCH more numerous than they are now. Nowadays there's only one and it's not really updated much anymore.


But yeah, I agree that the Comedies forum might as well be dead. I am currently in the process of posting a comedy there, but it has only one more chapter left and when that is posted tomorrow I doubt I'll visit Comedies very often unless someone asks me to review something there. Kind of sad, really, because it was the Comedies forum that got me writing fanfics in the first place, which in turn is what got me into writing at all. I suppose nothing lasts forever, though.



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I'm a little late to this party, but yes, unfortunately I think the forum's on its last year of life. No one's got the time or energy anymore to keep going: iBrow first, MT second, then me (as I finally realized how badly I'd screwed up TFC) and even ShadowBionics has gone now.


It actually surprised me when I went on today that there were posts from today. I'm glad it's still being posted in, but it's really dead. In fact, it started dying probably two years ago, one and a half years after BIONICLE kicked the bucket.


It's a real shame. But none of us have the time to do much about it, and for me, I need to move on.


(still hoping I can come back every now and then)


~Toa of Winds


EDIT: Plus, I couldn't post The Life of Pridak as I had computer problems...everything kinda snowballed after that :( .

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