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Calling All Chima Fans

Black Six


Are you a devout Chima fan? Do you have tons of sets and a wardrobe full of Chima clothes and a Chima backpack? Have you seen every episode of the Chima TV show, twice? Have you hit the level cap in the Chima MMO?


Even if only some of these things apply, we want to hear from you! BZPower has some ideas in the works and are looking for some Chima people to help out. Leave a comment here or send me a PM with what makes you a huge Chima fan, and if you've got what we're looking for, I'll let you know!


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I wouldn't call myself a devout Chima fan really. I haven't put a huge effort into collecting the sets or following the storyline. I do have three of the books, have watched three episodes of the show, and pay close attention to new and upcoming sets and story arcs, but I figure I'm not the sort of person you're looking for here.


Hope you do find some fans here on BZPower, though!

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I hit the level cap in the Chima MMO when it was in closed beta, but didn't want to do all that work again after it went into open beta and then public release. I did a lot of work at The Chima Wiki over a year ago, but that died (but might be back soon). I've followed all the news and updates people have shared in the Chima-related topics on Eurobricks as well, so I'm familiar with it's current status and past going-ons.

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I have a few sets for the new pieces and speedzors to freak out my cats. Other than that, I know nothing about the story, game or otherwise.

Probably not the person you need. Sorry. =/

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I'd say I'm a huge chima fan, I have 2 sets(don't have enough money for more at the moment), I want to make a Chima Shadowwind costume, and have almost hit the level cap in the Chima MMO :)


Oh, and my big summer project is going to do making a real life speedor, just PM if you need anything ;)

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