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From: Biggest Names in the Bionicle Fandom

Black Six


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I was talking to someone recently, and we were wondering who the most well-known people in the Bionicle community were. Not just the best builders, but the most dedicated fans - those who are known throughout the community for different things, maybe their stories, artwork, videos, websites they run, etc. Are they still active, or have they stepped away from the community and moved on to other things? Do they hang out on BZPower or elsewhere?


Some names that come to mind when I think about it might be:

DeeVee, Brickthing, Roa McToa, and Retinence - some of the biggest Bionicle/constraction/fusion builders

Swert - that guy's been running BS01 for ages now

InnerRayg - I hear people still talk about his sprite kit ;)

Gatanui - have you seen how many times his name has been on the front page?


Do you agree or disagree with the people on my list? Who's on your list of most well-known Bionicle fans? Why?


Source: Biggest Names in the Bionicle Fandom


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