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Mata-Nui Weekly, March 18th-25th, 2014





  • Enyo sells jewels to a precious stones to a jeweler in the marketplace and gets enough cash to sleep comfortably for the next month.
  • Nihila (guard for Toroshu Kilanya) reports her uncertainties about First Son Kulrik to her master. The next morning Kulrik is summoned for an audience with the toroshu Ageru, who promptly invites him and his retainer to sit down to breakfast with her and the Ageru advisers. Kilanya invited Kulrik to walk the Ageru lands and Kulrik readily accepted.
  • Vilda Soraph and Vilda Mako arrive at the coliseum. Soraph spies First Son Daikura Koga down on the field and sends her greetings. He offers to strike up a bet regarding the game of Paero and Mako comments on how Koga looks.
  • Toroshu Vilda Relisai landed in Sado.
  • Desdemona accepted the company of her older sister for an adventure.
  • Hatchi steps aside from her hackling with Soraya to let Samichyr have a chance.
  • Yumiwa and Hanako plan a royal party in the Dragon Hall.
  • Enali arrives at the place she has been called to.
  • Jiyu ran into the corridor screaming of Zola, a retainer, who had committed suicide in his room.
  • Seiryū questions why Daikura Koga called him to the Paero Field to play.
  • Amaki open for interaction
  • Vadiru Celis open for interaction.
  • Hogo Toroshu Noshima and her retainer Hogo Kamari discuss the upcoming meal.


  • Nothing Happened. Honest.


  • Zauk and Tehlin Marrihk send out a call to adventure, to which several people have already flocked.
  • Lana opens a new tavern in Ta-Koro.
  • Maru Korero and Oreius run into each other.
  • A courier from the Sentinels arrives to visit Akiri Jaller.
  • Mekana tries to sell Laqriel and iStone.
  • Kidona is interviewed as a potential addition to the Guard.


  • The Fowadi arrives in Ga-Koro. The crew of the pirate ship Infernavika conversed with that of the Fowadi and became interested in the prospect of treasure. A group made up of crewmembers from both vessels goes to Nixie's (a Ga-Matoran astronomer's) hut and finds a group of Toa and Skakdi holding her hostage. The two groups are currently battling.
  • In the meantime, Mimira and Gray (members of the Infernavika's/Fowadi's crew who did not go to Nixie's hut) have a conversation.
  • Helios goes to Ta-Wahi.
  • Akiri Hahli succeeds in making Eutuchia exercise, which he does not appreciate.
  • The crew of the Inika continue to prepare for a rapidly-approaching storm.


  • The Science Hunters prepare to bring Teede to Kirgan’s hut, but are intercepted by the Ussalry.
  • Wokapu and Ral’hen take interest in Sucogu’s news about Echelon.


  • Colx and Vrina have a spar.
  • Dehkaz rescues Naona from her confinement under the bed.
  • Skyra and Hari go shopping.
  • Karata and Kaiti have a reunion.
  • Zeth, Viima and Chivinix confront Varan.
  • Mihlra drops by the Le-Koro Bazaar.


  • Sukot urn Voyuk searches for a house to light on fire, part of his plan to disgrace Captain Korzaa.
  • Riaril had Greisk perform a sisyphean task: shovel the snow from the hospital courtyard.
  • Zadron arrives at Braen's home in the drifts.
  • Team Maru Activate! Korero rushes off with his hiko to find the other members of the Maru before they progress in their search for Matoro's murderer.
  • Ambages deals with the guards sent to accompany him on his travels.
  • Rhea and Ferron defeat Desuka only to find themselves facing the true enemy: Kuhrin. As the toa of sonics dealt Rhea a damaging blow Ferron rushed into the gap between, swinging a pair of flails he'd created.
  • Tehlin got drugged and mugged in his own house.


  • Prei, stocked up on donuts, arrives at the Fowadi and is greeted by Kale.
  • Stralix admits that he cannot open Sirius’s iStone. Lenat suggests going to Onu-Koro, as they make them.
  • Ior heads to Farzan’s stand at the Tech Expo and there sees Akiri Hewkii. He then talks to Farzan.
  • Day and Melna start to look for Lux, with the Parakuka attaching to his back still fresh in their minds.
  • Kol arrives to Po-Koro and gets into a fight.
  • The Fowadi, with all the volunteers, Sentinels and members of the Onu-Koro guard leave for Ga-Wahi.
  • Akree decides to join the Sentinels, as he is hungry and needs a job to buy food.
  • A matoran in the Sentinels becomes the first to use the hang gliders that were produced, and is part of the cartography division.
  • As Hewkii leaves (post hiring Farzan), he decides to visit Lenat, as he set up the Tech Expo and talks about the Expo. Stralix then runs up to the pair.
  • Vira, a member of the Gukko Force, arrives in Po-Koro to speak to Hewkii. She is greeted by Sentinels..
  • Kaama enlists a Matoran to protect something.


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