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In the End Mondays 4/28



Another week has come and gone and it feels like it went by too quickly and that it didn't go by quickly enough.


Anyway, it's Monday so that means it's time for a new chapter for In the End. Here's an except from this week's chapter:

Rubella the Red Star – famed Glatorian, winner of countless matches in the arena, loved and adored by her legion of fans and even respected by her detractors – threw a soft, bouncy ball against the wall opposite her. The ball bounced off the wall, off the floor, and back into her hands before repeating the same cycle all over again.


Then Ruby got bored of throwing the ball against the wall and looked around her room for something more interesting to do. It was a tiny room, with only a bed, a desk, and a lamp on that desk for furniture. She didn't even have a window to look out, but she could still feel and hear the omnipresent hum of the Soaring Titan's engines. When Ruby first arrived on the flying fortress, she had been unable to ignore the engines' hum, but now it barely registered on her mind. It was just a part of the fortress's background, much in the same way New Atero's hustle and bustle of vehicles and beings was part of its background.


With a sigh, Ruby put her hands behind her head and lay down on her bed, staring at the ceiling. She had counted the amount of tiles on the ceiling about a dozen times already, so if anyone asked, she could tell them that the ceiling had 42 tiles on it, or perhaps 42 and one half, considering one of them had been cut in half to fit in between one tile and the edge of the ceiling.


When a super secret organization dedicated to following the will of a Great Being came knocking at my door and offered to let me see their super cool flying fortress, I jumped at the chance, Ruby thought. Now even watching paint dry seems funner than this.


Read the rest of Chapter III here.




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