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In the End Monday 4/21




It's that time of the week again, where I post another chapter of my epic. Here's this week's excerpt from Chapter II:

“Hey, there,” said the Gadarian in a falsetto. “Bucket-head. You lost?”


The Skrall stopped and glared at the Gadarian. “Hardly. I have an important appointment to attend to and I am in a hurry. Unless you happen to be with Ignika Industries, I have no time to stay and chat.”


“Ain't with no respectable company like that,” said the Gadarian. “Name's Vaner. I'm what you'd call a goods dealer. I convince you to give up your goods and no one needs to get hurt.”


“You mean you're a mugger,” the Skrall said. “Or are knives standard equipment among respectable 'goods dealers' nowadays?”


Vaner's eyes narrowed. “Call me what you like, it don't matter. I'm going to slit your throat and take your money just the same.”


The Skrall shook his head. “You think you can take me on your own? Look at you. You're skin and bones.”


Vaner chuckled. “I'm no fool. I know better than to pick fights I can't win. That's why I'm not alone, see.”


Read the rest of the chapter here.





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