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Ask a LEGO Designer

Black Six


At BrickFair New England, LEGO set designer Jamie Berard will be on hand to give a talk. He has also agreed to do an interview with BZPower. This may just be a text interview, but we might try to do a video for our YouTube channel.


What questions would you like to ask him?




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Can we expect to see a large resurgence of functions in LEGO sets due to the large number in Chima?

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Was there ever a time when you really had to push to get your coworkers and higher-ups to agree with an idea of yours?

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My top question: You're listed in the end credits of The LEGO Movie. What, exactly, was your role in the film?


Follow up question (if appropriate): What was your role in the sets released for the LEGO Movie?


Follow up question (for comedic value): Where does that theatrical credit put you in relation to the game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon"? What was your Bacon number before the film?


Inside the Actor's Studio-style question: You've taken credit for design work on 10231 Shuttle Expedition, a set which was technically an enhanced rerelease of an earlier set. Did you have a role in the Shuttle Adventure kit as well, or were you only involved with making the new model sturdier?


Another Inside the Actor's Studio question (I doubt you can use it, but since I brought it up): What is your favorite curse word?


Because he's already gotten to the colors he's mentioned in the past: Is there a rare LEGO color you'd like to use (or see used) in a future set?


Because he'll be in Manchester, NH for this, I'd ask these sorts of questions: Before working for LEGO, you worked on the Millyard Project. How did you get involved with it? Did you design any of it? What parts of it did you build? How does the experience compare with working at LEGO? Have you had a chance to visit the model more recently? Based on your experience as a LEGO set designer, is there anything in the Millyard Project that you would do differently today?


...and finally, because we're BZPower: Do you ever build (for yourself or for the company) with constraction elements?




I thought of more:


It seems like you've been attending more conventions since 2013 than you did in the years before that. Are you planning on attending more conventions per year going forward? Which ones?


There are very many stickers involved in building 10241 Maersk Triple E - have you applied all of the stickers yourself? How long did it take you?

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