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Uhhhhhhhhh =P

lets see....


Main Soprano Clarinet- mine, 1975 Evette Master Model from Buffet Crampon

Bass Clarinet- school's, 1951 Selmer Paris

Marching Clarinet (may also use for Jazz band)- mine, 1920ish Metal Noblet

Albert System Clarinet (also may use for Jazz Band)- mine, 1910ish M. Lemaire, needs a few pads and has a flat spring.

Alto Clarinet: school's, I hate it with my guts and am trying to get a better one, Vito from 1970ish, made of plastic

I can use my school's Selmer Paris E-Flat Clarinet if the person who used it last year lets me use it this time, as they're now Drum Major and first chair in advanced band.

Random clarinets of mine some of which I will sell- Selmer USA Signet Special, 1930 Harry Pedler that is High Pitch and needs work, 1960ish Normandy with a chip in the wood and needs a barrel, and half of an old 1920ish Noblet I have for parts. =P


Alto: Buffet 400 Alto, 2008ish

Tenor that I chose out of 2: Buescher True Tone Tenor, 1925

Baritone: Buescher 400, 1963 (well that was good timing of the last band director to order it that year)

I can use a Vito (Yanigisawa Stencil one) Bari to low A

And I can use a Vito Soprano Saxophone that is unintentionally slightly curved. =P

I'm trying to get a certain Evette & Schaeffer Soprano on Ebay, or a (fully) Curved Conn Soprano on getasax.com

Other woodwinds:

I have 2 tin whistles in D and one in A


Tenor Trombone: King Tempo, haven't looked up age yet, needs work.

(circular) Mellophonium: 1925 Elkhart (from Buescher, their intermediate line), also needs work

I have use of a Besson Bell-Front Euphonium from 1930 from my school.

and a random Trumpet Mouthpiece I'm trying to sell.

I believe this is all until I buy/sell something.

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